oh the weather outside is frightful…

This week we’ve had our first snowfall of the year. This is the first time I’ve seen snow in Wisconsin – ever. It’s kind of funny, I’ve seen snow a million times, heck I used to live in New England. But it feels brand new living in a new state – like I don’t know exactly what to expect of Old Man Winter anymore. Word on the street is that it might snow daily, but only in small increments for the most part – but with the cold temperatures, the snow we get is likely to stick around all winter. So the odds of a White Christmas are officially in our favor. Unless my sources are wrong.

It would be nice to get the kids outside enjoying the joys of winter but with both kids laid up with head colds, this seems unlikely so far. The sad thing is neither kid is really, really sick – but I don’t want to risk making it worse. Playdates probably won’t happen this week. And that’s fine except that no amount of trying to have fun on the weekends and do a few new things during the week seems to be easing our cabin fever especially now that the kids are sick. And whiny. And sick. And snotty. And sick. And oh my god the diapers. And sick.

And did I mention I just finished The Hunger Games and I’m reading Catching Fire right now? So you can guess that right about now I’d like nothing more than to curl up with that good book, maybe sit by the window and watch the snow fall, while sipping a warm mug of hot chocolate… instead of bouncing a whiny, sick baby on my knee, trying to make her happy until her next feeding or diaper change… or her brother’s next tantrum, feeding or diaper change…

Basically I’m just going through the motions, waiting for good health and wishing it were bedtime so I could escape these sick days for awhile and read about the epitome of “it could be worse.” Is it time for daddy to com home yet?

6 thoughts on “oh the weather outside is frightful…

  1. @ Jen – odbt: To be honest, so far it still just looks like “snow” to me, but it’s still falling so we’ll see how much we get. I’d venture to say we have a foot right now? But I see cars driving (not a lot, mind you, but it’s only 7:30am).


  2. I think we’re getting part of your storm – did you get a lot of snow? Someone said something about the storm of the century. Does it feel like it? Hope there’s lots of hot cocoa and marshmallows to make it thru the storm 🙂


  3. I understand what you mean about the weather and being in a different state, shoot just the dramatic temp. change here alone is enough to throw me off kilter.
    Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!


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