I’m flying solo this week

Did I mention that my husband is going to NYC this week for a training class? He left this afternoon for the airport and won’t be home until late Friday night. Of course I already miss him like crazy but I guess we’re doing alright so far. I’m trying to keep myself feeling positive about this by thinking about things like having the whole bed to myself, catching up on my reading and watching tv shows he doesn’t like… I’ve plotted out a week of easy dinners and I’m trying to keep busy but also take it easy. I have been looking over our budget, looking for areas we can trim and I’m planning to get the gift wrapping done for Christmas. Hopefully our Christmas Cards come this week so I can get them addressed and mailed, too.

This trip has been a long time coming. It’s the only thing left in his training that stands between us and a regular employee status (and a bump in pay) so we’ve been eager for him to take the course, even though it means he’ll be gone for a week. He’s been trying to take the course for months but it kept getting postponed. And now he’s gone. But when he gets back – it will be the last weekend before Christmas… and my 27th birthday. And that’s pretty exciting.

How was your weekend?

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