An Open Letter To The Internet,

A month or two ago I was minding my own business, surfing the web, you know – the usual. When all of a sudden Firefox had a brain cramp of gigantic proportions. I think it was installing an update but the details are honestly fuzzy, it all happened so fast. Anyway, internet, I reopened Firefox and all my tabs, bookmarks, cookies had disappeared – everything was gone. This just seemed completely unacceptable to me – clearly Firefox had issues, I thought, and I decided to try a new browser.

We had several browsers on my iMac – Firefox, Safari and Opera. My husband had installed Opera awhile ago and when using my computer he tended to use either Opera or Safari with little rhyme or reason – just that they weren’t Firefox which was my browser of choice – we were going steady, you could say. This way we could both be logged into websites like Gmail simultaneously without signing each other out. Are you bored yet? Hold on, I swear I won’t babble about these small technicalities forever.

Anyway, I decided to play the field for awhile and mess around with both browsers and pick my favorite later, leaving the other for my husband who didn’t much care since he only sparingly uses my Mac anyway and didn’t mind using my sloppy browsing seconds. After a day or two I decided to stick with Safari. But I wasn’t totally happy – I missed Firefox still and mostly just wished Safari were more like my old browser. I went online and found a Dev. version of Google Chrome which I used for awhile but a few of the bugs in that version were enough to make me walk away. Fool me once… Then Dan found me a random browser called Camino – one of those lesser known browsers which I hoped would be my diamond in the rough, like Aladdin. But mostly it was just rough. I used it for awhile but I never loved it. It was rather ugly, but it worked. For awhile.

Eventually, for whatever reason I decided to dump Camino and start seeing Safari again. It had been updated recently and claimed to have changed. I found I liked it a lot. I was fairly happy with Safari until my computer started having speed issues. I still don’t know if the problem was Safari or the computer, we tried a few fixes but at some point the new Beta version of Chrome came out and I happily abandoned Safari in favor of the new beautiful browser on the block.

Seemingly the second my husband left for his week-long business trip things got pretty bad. My internet connection has been flaky at best for awhile, things often seem to run slowly on my computer while Dan’s remains fine. But when Dan left, started running so slowly it was painful. Anytime I tried to write a post or edit one, or use the dashboard for any reason, it was like there were tiny little robots inside my computer who were trying to manually push something very big and very heavy and failing due to the heaviness of their task and the tininess of their… them. You get the idea, right? It was so slow I had time to make up stories about why my computer was being so mean to me and making the simple task of blogging (my greatest joy!) so painful.

After pulling my hair out in chunks, I headed to the wordpress forums and started to write about my dilemma hoping for help. After describing my problems in detail, I ended my post with a description of what browser I was using and what OS I had. Just as I was about to hit submit a light went on my mind: “I’m running the beta version of Google Chrome…” I knew immediately that the first thing I’d be asked was if I’d tried using another browser.

For the love of all things chocolatey – another browser. I was starting to feel like one of those girls who can never commit and stay with one browser for long, always playing the field. All I wanted was one browser to call my own – to settle down and make bookmarks and not feel like I might be leaving it any day. I wanted stability! But despite its good looks and Googlish acclaim, Chrome and I weren’t working out – it was keeping me from pursuing my passion for blogging and that just wasn’t okay.

I sighed audibly and tried… Firefox… because it was the only browser I hadn’t used since World War Web Browsing began and guess what? It works perfectly. It’s fast and although not as beautiful as Chrome, it has an overall appeal that works for me. Things are where I would expect them to be and I feel comfortable here. It works better than any of the other browsers I’ve been using. And now, with heavy heart, I am trying to put aside our differences and forgive and forget the fact that not long ago Firefox threw out everything that mattered to me (I may be a bit too attached to my bookmarks and cookies but I am that big of a nerd so it’s not surprising exactly) and give it a second chance. I’m trying to ignore the knowing voice in my head that says you really shouldn’t browse with your ex…

But I am telling you right now, if I have to switch browsers again in the next, oh say, year – I might have a conniption fit – you might find me blogging from a rubber room. Cause I’m just saying. Ridonculous.

The word of the day, is thropple: to throttle or strangle.

And that’s exactly what I’d like to do to the collective internet gods right now for putting me through all this.

But seriously – Firefox is so fast right now it’s kind of blowing my mind after months of painfully slow browsing. I think it might be the one.


Jen E @


Jen ❤ Firefox 4eva


8 responses to “An Open Letter To The Internet,”

  1. Bets Avatar

    I have had problems with Chrome left and right, hence it’s BAH-leted! I still have Opera, Safari, etc and primarily use Opera when not using Firefox – but Firefox is also my browser of choice.

    As for bookmarks, check out google bookmarks – it’s nice because you can check them anywhere (or firefox also has some browser sync add-ons).

    And while you may be partial to cookies, there’s the pretty much unknown Flash cookie (which sites like Pandora and Gmail use, and a lot of other sites), and those can collect a lot of crazy information on you. You might want to check into the Better Privacy add-on, at the very least to read more about Flash Cookies.

    Nice post!


  2. Connie Avatar

    Ive been using Firefox forever – but I always have a backup on duty (now Chrome) for when the fox is a BAD doggy and messes me up with failed ‘upgrades’.


  3. sues2u2 Avatar

    “Jen ❤ Firefox 4eva

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo" This cracked me up! I've just always stuck w/ firefox. Not that much into anything different.


  4. Krystyn Avatar

    I was loving chrome, too, but it does do things a little weird. I just FF still on my work computer and chrome and firefox at home. I still can’t decide. But, FF was really bad for a while there.


  5. Jean Avatar

    LOL! I lurve me my Firefox too and it would take a lot of convincing to make me switch.I admit I’ve been slightly intrigued with Chrome and wonder if it would run smooth on Windows. I’m good with Firefox though. 🙂


  6. Sara Broers Avatar

    Thropple! I learned a new word. Nice post. All of these browsers make life on the internet interesting.


  7. Dad Avatar

    So sad, I love my Chrome but I have windows, and the Mac version is the first beta release.