365 Begins: Outtakes

We went to Dan’s company building to take a family portrait and also a picture for my 365 Challenge. I took so many pictures, it was very hard to choose which *one* to use for the 365. Head over there to see which picture “won” and continue reading here to see more of my favorites…

she was such an agreeable subject

he was much harder to work with

always on the move

he was having a blast

but I still had some lucky shots

it helps that he's so photogenic

I could take pictures of him all day

Dan took this one but I still like it

Peek a boo

speaking of cute

so so cute

And dude, that’s still not even all of them. It was ridiculous. We had a blast. Want to see the picture I chose, that was even better than these? Click here. Oh and the family portrait? Yeah, you’ll have to wait for that one. ::insert evil laughter::


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