Winter Photo Contest: Building The Perfect Snow Ball

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It’s time for the Winter Photo Contest at Write From Karen! It’s very easy to enter – just post a picture that best represents winter to you, then link up at Write From Karen.

After perusing some of my winter pictures, I decided to enter the following picture, which I took last month while my son was playing in the snow with his daddy.

Some of my favorite pictures of MM are like this one, from behind. He is a mover and a shaker and it’s often hard to get a picture of him “posed” so I have better luck just capturing the moments of action where I can. I’ve come to love these “behind the scene” pictures a lot.

I’d be honored if you’d vote for my picture in Karen’s contest.

trying to assemble the perfect snowball

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4 thoughts on “Winter Photo Contest: Building The Perfect Snow Ball

  1. I agree – I’m a big fan of the backwards action shot. As kids get older they are less inclined to want to stay still and smile for the camera. Seems so unnatural in many ways (I for one hate pased shots of me!)

    As Karen mentioned great colours – perfect against the snowy white background.

    Good luck in the contest.


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