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ww: infectiously cute

smile - and the whole world smiles back at you

sorry I can not hear you I'm kind of busy and I am sick and tired of my phone ring-ringing

shes walking on sunshine

I swear her eyes are just ridiculous. I did edit the photos a little just to take away some shadows but that’s really all her. Her brothers used to be that blue, too, but his have turned into more of a steel blue which I kind of like. Hers might do the same – so enjoy them now whilst you can!

Also, it might not be obvious in that last picture, but she can now cruise around the furniture – a feat her brother didn’t attempt until shortly after his first birthday. Which means she’ll probably be driving soon. :OP

Also, I’m apparently incapable of being wordless. Sorry about that.

By Jen E @ mommablogsalot

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It really is amazing that a person’s eyes can be that blue. Again I just want to dive in.
I swear girls catch on so much faster than boys on development none of my boys cruised or walked before 1. I bet you’ll have no problems potty training her.


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