Daybook: June 28th

tugging at my heart strings and pants leg


Outside my window: it’s a fairly beautiful, sunny day in the mid seventies. There’s a good strong breeze going but it looks like a great day to get outdoors. Hopefully I can take the kids out for a little while later.

This weekend we: went out and looked at some more houses and found several that we might actually like better than the “dream house” we lost out on the week before. So yes, plenty more “houses in the sea” and life moves on. We’ll see what happens – working around our lease will really be the big thing here. All about timing.

We also: made homemade pita bread last night! Inspired by this recipe at Simple Bites we decided to give it a shot and they came out great and were so fun to watch baking. We used them with this grilled shrimp pitas recipe from Family Circle – yummy!

homemade pita bread on 365 Project

I am reading: Eating for Beginners by Melanie Rehak – it’s sort of like a cross between the Omnivore’s Dilemma and a book on kids and picky eating and I have to say I am loving it so far. I look forward to reviewing it in greater detail when I’ve finished it. I’m also perusing Cold Rock River by J.L. Miles which is going to be the next book club book in the group I’ve been meaning to join and Greek: Double Date by Marsha Warner but at the moment Eating for Beginners seems to have dominated my attention span.

We’re looking forward to: our next family camping trip which we anticipate being much more laid back now that we have an idea of what we like, etc. We’ve also got a company picnic, BBQ with friends and BB’s 1st birthday coming up next month!

In The Kitchen:

  • Monday: Shrimp Salad with Strawberries and Feta Cheese
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti
  • Wednesday: Grilled Cheese and Soup
  • Thursday: Mac and Cheese with Hot Dogs
  • Friday: Breakfast for Dinner: Waffles with Fruit

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One last thing I want to tell you about before I go: BB seems to have invented her very first game! It involves taking a block and handing it to you, then taking it away, then handing it back to you, then tapping your block with another block, then taking both blocks, and occasionally putting a block in either her mouth or yours. It’s adorable and one of the first times I’ve seen her doing something that looks like intentional play – so exciting, my little girl is growing up!

my sweet, sweet big little girl

4 thoughts on “Daybook: June 28th

  1. You like strawberry-rhubarb pie too? Love mine just rhubarb but would take it any way, lol!

    I forgot to mention how cute I think you’re haircut is. Absolutely adorable.


  2. Grilled Shrimp Pitas sound really yummy! Looks like a shrimp kinda week.

    Love the new digs for the blog too! I always gotta give you your blog decor love. 🙂


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