Hunting for a Home

house huntingI’ve talked a little bit about our house hunting escapades which are slowly beginning to look much more like “house buying” escapades. I’ve tried not to say too much, for fear of “jinxing” myself.

I know it’s silly, but sometimes I feel like if I speak too soon, and then it doesn’t happen… that I don’t want to have to deal with announcing that to everyone. I don’t want to have to get your hopes up or mine only to have to dash them publicly. So I try to stay mum, but then when it’s all I’m really thinking about all day, well it doesn’t leave me with much else to talk about. And then I find myself not really blogging. And momma doesn’t like not blogging.

So I’m going to take what my husband told me last night to heart and move forward. What he said was simple and hopefully true. “There is no such thing as jinxes.” Things will either happen or they won’t and I sincerely hope that something as simple as me talking about it isn’t going to prevent something from happening. And since this is also my place to chronicle my life, I don’t want to leave these things out because they matter. This is the real deal, you know? And I want to make sure we remember these moments.

Buying a house, or trying to, is kind of terrifying. It’s exciting and I am so hopeful and looking forward to each next step, but it’s also terrifying. Sometimes I think, “Am I old enough to buy a house? Do I really know what I’m doing?” And then I think, “Woman you are twenty seven years old and not getting any younger.” And, “You aren’t exactly doing this alone. You have an incredibly smart husband in this thing with you – not to mention the help of family and friends and a Realtor who came highly recommended and has been amazingly helpful.”

We’ve got an amazing support system and so far everything has gone smoothly. I think I mentioned that we put an offer down on a house, an amazing house at a really good price. They countered our offer and we accepted. The fact that they were game for our subletting contingency is really awesome – and equally awesome is that an ad that a friend of mine helped me write up for Craigs List has gotten 2 responses so far that look promising! Keep those fingers crossed that one of them works out.

Next step is to line up a house inspector to come look at the property – hopefully that goes okay. I know that the FHA loans in particular can be a little strict where the house inspection is concerned so hopefully it passes. It’s really all about timing now – balancing the needs of the seller, ourselves and our potential subletters – and the financing. And then the packing, oh lord the packing. And the purging! I’m ridiculously giddy about the purging, it’s one of my favorite things about moving because I’m strange.

So yeah, that’s where we are now. Waiting and hoping and praying and emailing and phone calling and way in over our head probably but you know, it’s all happening. Hopefully it continues to happen and I don’t have to write a post in a couple of days or weeks or months about how apparently jinxes are real. Cause that would stink.

Let’s make this post interactive – I’d love your best tips or funniest stories about buying a house. Or alternatively, tell me, what does your dream house look like? Tell me all about it in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “Hunting for a Home

  1. I’ll tell you the things I wished we had. A bigger kitchen. That’s number one.

    Then, I want the laundry on the same floor as the bedrooms (our laundry is downstairs, rooms are upstairs).

    Everything else we could change if we wanted (like medicine cabinets in the bathrooms).

    Have you made a list (separately, you and the hubby) of what you want in a house and compared?


  2. I bought my first house with my husband at 27, so you are doing the right thing. You are laying down the foundations for your future happiness. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes OK.

    I am now living in my second house,but dream of a third. My third house is the one I want nearby us down by the sea. I have dreams of waking up and looking out to the ocean. I try and keep positive that one day it will happen!


  3. Congratulations on the offer, and good luck with all that goes with it! Buying a house is terrifying, even more so the first time, but you’ll be fine. Before you know it you’ll be all moved in and unpacked and the whirlwind will be over.

    I have some great house hunting stories. The divorce house, where half the furniture was gone – the dining room was empty, there was a single bed in the master bedroom, and the master bathroom had a vinyl ducky toilet seat. The house that reeked of kim chee and had banisters a foot lower than usual because the owners were short. The one with the basement that reeked of cat pee. The one where a teenage girl ran from the bathroom to her room wearing only a towel. Oh and the one where a boy had died, and the parents wouldn’t let us in his room because it was a shrine to him. They were getting ready to go out and spent 5 minutes talking to a huge portrait of the boy hanging in the living room. That was sad (and a bit creepy).

    I could go on and on. 🙂


  4. Jen, I’m really excited for you guys! This is a huge deal. There are things about home ownership that aren’t awesome, but for the most part it’s pretty great–especially the first one! I was 28 when we bought our house; we had it built from the ground up and got to peek in at it all along the way. I loved that. And going from an apartment to a house is such a fun upgrade–suddenly having tons of room and cool things like a yard or driveway or garage or utility room or whatever… those little things make such a difference. I will be excitedly checking in to see how things go for you, and of course, I wish you the best!! xoxo


  5. Back in our days of living in Tyler we soo could have bought a house but always scared of the “what if’s”..this was at the time when they were practically giving houses away to anyone. Any who we looked at a rent to own type house that I fell in love with an older house, hardwood floors, a nice fixer upper, we hee hawed around about and had an inspector friend take a look at it and told us to not touch the house with a ten foot hole due to the termite damage, I guess the house literally was about to fall through the foundation. So it’s a very good thing to get the inspection to be sure of a “money pit’. Not trying to rain on your parade.. I’m sure all is well and you’ll move on to the next process. Crossing my fingers for ya!


  6. Interactive, huh? I know what you mean about the jinx thing. I’m not even superstitious & there’s just some things… Dan’s right though. It all sounds like it’s going pretty smoothly. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though just because. *g*

    Would you believe that I can’t think of one story about our two house hunting scenarios?


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