To Bliss by 2012 or Bust! (maybe)

As probably everyone in the blogging world knows, BlogHer is this week. My RSS feed and twitter feed have been inundated with posts about parties, packing, planning and all things Blogging Conferences. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little envious watching the blogging community at large prepare for their big NYC excursion. Especially envious because this year one of my best friends from back home is going, too. This year, more than ever, I would love to be going if only to catch up with an old friend and experience something new. But I’m not.

My husband I agree that blogging conferences are not for everyone. The cost is not worth it for everyone. Some bloggers, who make money off their blogs and do marketing stuff and big time thingies, might really get something out of a blog conference. Others are just paying money to have an excuse to mingle. I guess. Do I consider those people dupes or do I admit that they, at least, are going out and doing things. Having adventures. Mingling. While I sit at home.

I can’t afford it. So there’s that and I can just say, “Too bad I can’t afford it. Maybe next year.” But what makes me think next year I will be in any better of a situation apart from the fact that hopefully we won’t be saving for a house. But I’m sure there will be something to save for that is vitally important. Some scheduling conflict that makes me say, “Eh, not this year.” Especially because I’d be essentially spending money to take myself on vacation, alone.

Yet still, honestly, there is an interest. Maybe just a deep sense of curiosity – like I might spend the rest of my life wondering what it would have been like or I could go once and get it out of my system. My friend Karen and I agree that Blissdom is actually the blogging conference that appeals to us the most. For three years now they’ve been meeting annually in Tennessee to provide “a welcoming oasis in the ever-changing blogging world. Speakers and panels featuring the best blogging public relations and social media pros will be gathering to mentor new and old friends alike.” This feels more my speed maybe, and less hustle and bustle than BlogHer. I could be wrong.

I’ve done the math and give or take the expense of flying versus driving, cheap hotel versus the swanky Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center, I’d need to save around $500-600 dollars to make this bloggy conference dream a reality. That’s a lot of money in my little world – and a lot of money to spend on a vacation just for me. It meets during the academic calendar year which means that after next fall I’d be unable to try and finagle it into a family vacation since MM will be starting kindergarten. Which means that Blissdom 2011 is really my only shot to bring the whole family – which really isn’t enough time for me to make something happen.

Yet I still kind of want to go, maybe in 2012? I’d have to save about $40 a month between now and January 2012 to pool together enough money – maybe less if I could find a roomie. Now there’s still that whole “convincing the hubby to even let me go” thing, but still, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little right?

What’s your stance on blogging conferences? Have you ever been? Would you want to go?

– edit – You know, the more I think about the logistics of this conference, I don’t see how I could possibly go until little BB is in school – Dan can’t exactly take a half week off from work to stay home with her and I’m surely not bringing her there with me! So, um, I guess I should say Bliss by 2015?


  1. I’m all for it…and I know many people bring their kids with them. And, if you were driving, there wouldn’t be more costs associated with it. I wanted to do BlogHer this year, but considering it started the first day of’s a no go.

    I’d love to do Blissdom…It’s only like 4 hours from me.


  2. I know. It’s terribly hard to get away when you have little ones / school-aged children.

    But it’s doable – it just takes a lot of planning. I understand what you’re saying, boy, do I, but remember, you need some time away, too. And I firmly believe the children need a little time away from their momma, as well. Don’t be discouraged, it can happen, if the planets align just so. 😀

    The more I read tweets about BlogHer, the more I’m convinced that’s just not the conference for me. It’s too big, too wild, too … EVERYTHING. I prefer something a little more low-key, like Blissdom, and I’m really going to try my best to get there this go-around. (I’m already working on my husband and setting some money aside).

    I may go and hate it, but at least I’ll have gone one time, just to see what the fuss is about. And if I go, I would prefer to be one of those people who just sits off to the side (I’m honestly okay with that), and just observe. Then I would like to write about my observations about what “really” goes on, you know? Reporting as a regular “Jane”, I guess.

    At any rate, don’t give up! One day you’ll get to go and when that happens, I hope I get to meet you!


  3. Is Blissdom always held during the week? I don’t know why but I feel like I recall it being on a weekend. Anyway, if that were the case, Dan could maybe watch the kids and you could just get away on your own. 🙂


  4. I really don’t have much interest in going to a conference for all the reasons you mentioned. I’m also terrible at smalltalk and prefer small groups to large ones. I’d love to meet you and a few other people that I’ve met in the bloggy world so I can definitely see the benefit to these conferences, but honestly the whole thing seems so overwhelming to me.


  5. If you would have asked me the last 2-3 years of blogging if I was dying to go, I would say absolutely. Now not so much anymore. I think I would rather attend a more “low key” event like Blissdom myself, and maybe it could be be an option for me in 2012 as well. Maybe we could room together and that would give us a reason to meet. It’s far out there but certainly something to think about. I’d like to have the reassurance of knowing I’d at least “know” someone there and not feel like an outsider since I’m really out of bloggy bubble.


  6. I don’t know, I feel like I’m on the fringe of the blogging world. I have a handful of loyal readers but I’m not really out there, I feel. I don’t do it for the money or the recognition. I don’t have the time or energy to become a whole review blog. I like to write about my kids, my crazy life, our vacation. It just seems, I don’t know, so boring and normal.

    All that’s to say I don’t feel like I’d fit in at a blogging conference. I wouldn’t be trying to get my “brand” out there – I don’t have one. And of course there’s the expense. And I do feel a bit of a twinge knowing BlogHer is in NYC this year, though I doubt I’d be going even if I did still live within an hour’s drive from there.


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