Mommy and Me Monday: September 13th

me and baby blue

I don’t think I’ve ever participated in Mommy and Me Monday which is hosted by the lovely Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?. Monday is usually already a fairly busy bloggy day for me and well to be honest, pictures of me don’t happen as often as they should. Or I’ll try to take a picture of myself and the kids but then I look at the picture and my kids are cute per usual, but then I look at me and my twelve chins and just can’t do it.

But this picture is just so sweet – blurry, but sweet. And I only appear to have two or three chins, which is so much better than usual. Also since the picture is cropped a bit at the top of my head, you can’t see the flock of seagulls that has become a regular occurrence on my head. Short hair is nice in the summer, when you’re trying to keep cool – great for that. But my hair? Apparently my hair won’t listen to me at any length and it is oh so obvious at it’s current length when I try to brush it into something presentable and it just behaves worse. I try to just own it, like, “Oh yeah I totally mean for it to look like this – it’s so clearly intentional.” But truth? It’s driving me nuts.

But regardless. Check it out. Pretty good picture of me and baby blue, am I right? That girl can pull of any style, any time, and all of her chins are adorable. I am loving her little baby bandanna and the ruffles on her shirt are just adorable. You can be sure that more pictures of this cute outfit will be posted in my Daybook later. Promise.

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  1. @ Lorie : haha the funny thing is I just DID cut it all off over the summer and for the most part I like it, except at various lengths since it’s started growing it just keeps growing more and more idiosyncrasies. What started out as one cow-lick at the shortest length seems to have turned into four or five – lmao – I’m planning to let it grow back out to chin-length where I think it looked best – but I am still glad I decided to cut it so that I’d know this about myself instead of constantly wondering.


  2. That is a FANTASTIC photo of you and BB.
    I’m glad you decided to share it with everyone.
    I totally know what you mean about your hair, mine is naturally curly (in most spots) and the humidity in FL usually helps it, but this year it’s been AWFUL, so I just keep putting it up. I’m ready to cut it all off ala’ Sinead O’Connor. TeeHee


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