Mondays Music Moves Me: JUST DANCE


Mondays Music Moves Me at XMas DollyI’m participating in a new Monday bloggy thing called Mondays Music Moves Me hosted by XMas Dolly! Post a youtube music video on Mondays using the given theme for each week – this week is all about DANCE. We’re supposed to choose a video with a type of dance mentioned in the title of the song. I thought about doing the macarena or the chicken dance or something (lol) but decided you know what? Screw it. JUST DANCE (or I just wanted an excuse to post a Lady Gaga video, definitely one of those).


  1. @ Lorie : I run a wordpress hosted blog which doesn’t have a “follow” system like you’d find in blogger. If you read blogs using a feed reader you should be able to add my blog to that – I couldn’t live without google reader!


  2. When I first saw your post title, I thought you were talking about David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” – DUH. I have never heard of this song because I don’t listen to pop music, I’m a rock n’ roll fan and don’t really care for Lady Gaga, but I’m really glad you played along with our little meme. I hope you keep participating.
    Have a great week.


  3. Believe it or not I have never seen a Lady GaGa video. I saw her on American Idol once. Cute song though. Thanks so much for playing along today. Next week is a freebee & you can put whatever you like. Hope to see you then. Have a great day!


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