I'm dreaming of a crafty christmas…

paper ornaments

Ever since I saw this adorable Christmas craft idea last year at Our Daily Big Top, I’ve been itching to make them myself and since this is the year of All Things Crafty rather than All Things Breakable, I decided yesterday that it was time to give it a whirl (get it? whirl?).

these would also be good for a baby shower

We made them using scrapbook paper, and I think it’s pretty obvious that the majority of my scrapbooking paper is “It’s a Boy!” themed and that there was absolutely no holiday-themed paper to be found. But I’d rather be resourceful and thrifty than perfectly color coordinated, so I made due with greens and blues and call it close enough – especially since the theme of this year is “buy as little as possible, don’t put up things that break.”

another angle of my crafty genius

Easy instructions for anyone playing along at home:

  • cut one 6″ strip, two 7″ strips and two 9″ strips for each ornament you want to make
  • place the 6″ in the middle, 7″ in the inside, 9″ outside
  • staple the top and bottom together
  • hang or display with clear wire (fishing line) or ribbon (yarn would probably work, too)

I recommend asking a tall handsome husband type for help if you are planning to hang them somewhere high. A ladder or sturdy chair would also work well, but isn’t quite as handsome and fun to look at and it also involves manual labor on your part, and I’m all about avoiding that.

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