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Two things.

my new favorite indulgence

1. Do you know about these cookies? I found them at my local grocery store and bought them impulsively because they were seriously dirt cheap, plus I’ve learned recently that sometimes “almond” doesn’t mean “filled with nuts” so much as “almond extractish” aka “marzipan” aka “one of my favorite things ever in the universe” and you know what?

These cookies are amazing and I didn’t find a single nut in any of them. I’m maybe possibly horribly addicted, as in, bought a second package this week and when I couldn’t find the package in the pantry yesterday I actually accused my husband of leaving them at the grocery store (whoops, sorry sweetie). Yeah, I’ve probably got issues. And might be blind, because they were right there. You know that magical place in the pantry where you cannot seem to look even though it’s like right under your nose, literally.

Now I am thinking that I need to learn how to make these babies myself but searching for “almond cookie recipe” yields a lot of different results and to be honest, I just don’t know exactly what I should be looking for. Also – Google, please yield more fantastic food blogger results when I search for “such and such recipe” and less e-how articles and other assorted lame resources. The blogging circles are rich with resources and need to be better searchable – pronto. I want my recipes to have pretty pictures and lengthy explanations and also they should be easy and use ingredients I already have on hand. Don’t you think?

So, in closing, is anyone else in the universe obsessed with these cookies and can anyone tell me how to make them myself? Come on, people, save me two dollars, puh-lease?

my pretty christmas wreath

2. This is my pretty Christmas wreath (find a make your own tutorial here at Katydid and Kid). It seems like just last week it looked like this:

my pretty christmas wreath one week ago

I remember thinking, “Wow this looks a little like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Wreath. Maybe this idea was a little harebrained and not well thought out.”

But I have to say, a week later, I’m pretty impressed. It actually kinda looks like a wreath now! I got a few more Christmas cards today after taking that first picture (like a super cute card from Jen @ Stuff Jen Says, love her!) so it looks even fluffier now. I actually am sort of worried that we’ll get even more cards and I might officially run out of room on the thing. Maybe I’ll make a bigger one next year.

Either way, I am loving the fact that none of those cards are taking up space on our refrigerator and moving around and falling off and irritating my Scrooge-tendencies husband. It’s like this wreath has kind of Saved Christmas! Also, cookies. Cookies save Christmas. And bad moods. And sugar crashes. But they don’t save diets at all. You’ve been warned.

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Your wreath looks darling. I don’t have alot of doors (damn open living) so I tape mine onto the kitchen cabinets & add a bow on a string dangling down. It works.

I have no idea about your recipe but I recently found this one for pecan logs @ taste of home cooking @ it just melts in your mouth. It’s very similar to the recipe by amanda. Just add almond extract instead of the vanilla & leave out the pecans. And, yes, I’m totally addicted & have promised myself that I will only make these once a year!


It’s hard to tell if they’re light and airy or dense. Is is sort of a butter cookie, or more of a biscotti??

Try this recipe:
1 cup butter
½ cup powdered sugar
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons almond extract
Combine all ingredients and make into balls the size of a walnut and press down with a fork. Bake in moderate oven @ 350 degrees, until the edges become a light brown.

or maybe the classic peanut butter recipe (1 c pb, 1 c sugar, 1 egg) using almond butter?


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