christmas continues: what our mailman just delivered

BB the red nosed knitwear model

winter fashionista

love those rosy cheeks

We just got another package in the mail from the kids’ very proud Auntie Kate and Uncle Pete. Little BB got an adorable new hat and sweater from Auntie Kate (and you thought my husband was talented, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! His sister is a knitting genius). They also sent a plethora of play food for MM who is pretty sure he won the jackpot. We will now probably have play food until the end of time.

giant shoe box filled to the brim with play food

and super fun melissa and doug wooden foods, too

all the ingredients you need for one very happy boy

3 responses to “christmas continues: what our mailman just delivered”

  1. noelle Avatar

    i love the hat…
    i wish i could find something cute like that for broxton!!!


  2. XmasDolly Avatar

    Wow Your aunt is a knitting genius they’re so adorable of course the model in them helps just a tad, huh? ~snicker-snicker~ She is just too cute! Just look at your boy – so that’s what seventh heaven looks like!


  3. Jean Avatar

    Soo fun! I wish I would have thought of my boys having a play kitchen/play food. It was all matchbox cars and legos all the time.