Just yesterday today was today until it was tomorrow. You know?

its not easy being beautiful on 365 Project

Our little BB is growing up. Her hair is finally getting long enough to attempt little up dos! Of course, she’s not very happy about this, but I told her, “It’s not easy being beautiful.”

This brings back ancient memories of my friend’s oldest daughter who is getting so big, like practically a tween. How is that possible, because I’m pretty sure yesterday she looked like this:

dinga circa 2003

We used to call her “dinga” because it was basically the only word she said. And the hair? Are you seeing the hair? It’s like deja vu right? This was just yesterday, I assure you. And now today she looks like this:

dinga and group circa 2009

Except even this picture is actually a year old, so she’s even OLDER than this. And she’s the tallest one – the one who looks like she might be eighteen tomorrow. And now my baby looks like this:

its not easy being beautiful on 365 ProjectAnd she babbles and says basically no words at all and her hair is all Pebbles and Bam Bam style and it’s like time stood still and fast forwarded all at the same time! You know?

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  1. Life with Kaishon Avatar

    Hi Jen E. I was just reading some of the comments on Miz Booshay’s post at Pioneer Woman’s blog today and I liked what you wrote about how next year you are going to try to shoot more full lengths. Good luck with your goal. Your baby is SO adorable. There is nothing I love more than baby pigtails. Nothing at all : ) So sweet.