L.M. Montgomery Challenge 2011: First, A little quiz.

When Carrie @ Reading To Know posted this little personality quiz, I absolutely could not resist – and I have to say, not hating the results!

Which L. M. Montgomery character are you?

Your Result: Anne Shirley

You are very intelligent, and dreamy by nature, feeling that imagination is of high importance. You are quick-tempered, however, and sensitive about things that are important to you, such as your hair, or how people see you.

Sarah Stanley
Marilla Cuthbert
Victoria Stuart
Emily Starr
Which L. M. Montgomery character are you?
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L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge 2011 @ Reading to KnowAnybody else participating in the L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge this year? I just started reading Anne of Avonlea last night on my kindle and it was like an absolute breath of fresh air. I just adore the writing style, characters, and even the lengthy descriptions have grown on me.

It was like visiting an old friend, which may be silly given I only just read Anne of Green Gables last fall, but you know, whatever. Next week I’m hoping to watch one of the film versions from Netflix, and if I can finish the 2nd book quickly, maybe I’ll try to rent two of them. I have most of the Anne books on kindle so I may even read book 3 when I finish, but I do have other reading commitments this month, so I’ll have to decide if I have time when I get to that point.

What’s your favorite L.M. Montgomery book / character? If you take the quiz, I’d love to hear what your result is!

3 responses to “L.M. Montgomery Challenge 2011: First, A little quiz.”

  1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

    @ jean m : Different series I think, maybe?


  2. Jean M. Avatar

    Well, the quiz says I am Sarah Stanley and for the life of me I don’t remember who is she is.


  3. vivienne Avatar

    I really do want to read all these books soon. I am committed to reading new YA this month, but I do hope to get around to doing this.