Mini-blog 2011: Stuff I said when I wasn't here.

Sometimes I’m on facebook and I write something awesome. And I’m like, “I should tweet this so my bloggy friends who tweet will see this.” But then usually it’s too many characters to tweet. Or I think, “Yeah but what about all my non-tweetie bloggy buddies?” I don’t want them to feel left out. And I don’t really want to make my Facebook public to everyone who reads my blog for obvious security reasons. So instead I’m just going to copy and paste that goodness here. Now. Because I’m bored and there are still two hours until dinner time.


Flash games are the devil. Let’s engineer some better technology please and thank you? So tired of watching my games not load because blah blah blah blah blah… Just work and let me have my 5 minutes of wasted time cutting down imaginary trees and moving imaginary buildings around.

Sometimes I can’t tell if my problems are “my computer” related or “Stupid Internet” related. After lengthy discussion with the husband, it appears that the Internet does in fact stink and that flash games load and run poorly for everyone. I was not aware that everyone playing those stupid Facebook games suffered the same ridiculousness that I do. Is this true?

I wish we’d made it to the library, this day has been so draggy. Not bad necessarily, just bored and wishing my son would stop hacking up a long for no obvious reason.

We were going to go to the library today for Story Time but between the snowy weather, predicted bad driving conditions and the fact that my son has had a persistent (dry) cough for a few days now, I decided to just not go. I paid for this dearly with boredom and whiny children, but I still think it was probably the right choice. That said, if we lived in a house with, say, an attached garage and a lack of two flights of stairs to trudge up and down on a daily basis, we’d probably make it to more story times. It’s a theory of mine at least. Maybe I’m wrong.

Now when people say, “So what’s it like living in Wisconsin?” I can just make them watch this:


My husband and I can’t stop quoting this song now. This is apparently the kind of environment our children are going to grow up in and assume normal. I’m okay with that. Did you know the Packers are the third-oldest franchise in the NFL? They are also the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States. I think I’m going to become an unofficial fan just because of this fact, kay? Also, I’m feeling so fly, like a cheesehead.

Playing the “let’s decorate the imaginary rooms in the house I don’t own yet” game. ie. window shopping at

Then I went all geek-tastic and started screen shotting my favorite room ideas, like this one:

my dream laundry room

I am simply in love with this laundry room. If we could just copy and paste this into existence, I’d be a very happy momma. Doesn’t this just seem like the kind of laundry room that would almost make you happy to spend time there doing chores that are otherwise ho hum? I’m all about celebrating the little moments!

I’m thinking about making this for [BB’s] birthday this summer.

I’ve also been wanting to make this for [MM] for awhile, maybe his birthday in April.

I’m having this spurt of imaginative crafty energy where I think I can probably secretly make anything. I’m going to start with these two projects I think. I’ll either love it and become this awesome crafty version of Jen that you never knew existed or at the very least get it out of my system and move on with my life. Either way, seems like a good idea to me!

Just got my BzzAgent kit for Thomas’ Bagel Thins – looking forward to 110 calorie bagels in my future!

I love bagels but I can never seem to finish a whole regular sized bagel because I have the stomach of a small, picky child unless it’s dessert time. So these 110 calorie bagel thins just seem perfect to me. Word on the street is they are awesome, I’ll let you know soon what I think.

Just watched [The Sorcerer’s Apprentice] with [the hubby] , really good!

Apart from the main character’s weird voice (which I find reminiscent of Adam Sandler almost?) I just plain adored this movie. I loved that he was a Physicist because that’s the same sort of dorky but awesome field that my husband studied (he’d probably disagree, being an Engineer, I think Engineers and Physicists are in some sort of ancient blood rivalry or something, but you understand what I’m saying. Let’s hear it for the geeks!

Apparently it’s one of those “if you won’t clean your room, I’m taking away all of your toys.” and then I did kind of day.

followed by…

Yesterday I gave him back his blocks. Today I took them away again. [MM] clearly doesn’t like toys.

I’ve slowly started giving him some of the stuff back, swapping in some new old toys that he hasn’t used in awhile. Wooden blocks are currently in fashion in our apartment as I’m on a real quality over quantity / retro kick right now so he’s rocking the wooden blocks with the Green Toys dump truck and his dress up box, and yes, sadly that’s about it right now. I’m a mean mother. But with less things to pick up every night.

[MM] keeps asking me what time I am. He says he’s forty three eleven.


3 responses to “Mini-blog 2011: Stuff I said when I wasn't here.”

  1. vivienne Avatar

    I have the dilemma where I want to keep Twitter book and blogger friendly and Facebook more personal. Not sure I want my blog on my Facebook. So difficult to do.


  2. Jean M. Avatar

    The flash games drive me insane too. It just takes a sweet forever to load.
    Looks like you have some fun crafty stuff ahead!


  3. noelle Avatar

    now, i really want to make that car caddy!
    LOL, i can not sew…..
    maybe i can talk a friend into making it for me?
    ha ha, i dont even know what half those things are…
    duck cloth? piping? this should be interesting!