His Birthday Wish: A Race Car Party WITH Dinosaurs

MM has been talking about his 5th birthday party pretty much since his 4th birthday party ended. I think I set the bar a bit too high with the Mega Awesome Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party we threw last year, because now the pressure is on.

The last party we went to was a Dinosaur Themed Party and MM is pretty smitten with the idea and so for a few months now he’s insisted that all he wants is a Dinosaur Party, but I’ve been cautious not to start planning too soon since interests change and lord knows what he’ll want as we get closer to the date. Today he added that what he really wants is a Race Car Party WITH Dinosaurs. That’s a pretty unique request, but I think I could probably work with it. Tiny dinosaurs driving matchbox cars or even big stuffed dinosaurs driving cardboard box style go-carts perhaps? Or just dinosaurs painted on cars (or sewn on depending on what the cars end up being made out of? Or I could just go to the dollar store and buy plates, cups and napkins in both Dinosaur and Race Car theme and be done with it.

It’s always difficult to maintain that balance of fun and whimsical without going overboard because it’s truly the little details they will appreciate in the end, more so I think than any grand gestures. Either way, I do want an element of homemade in his party, whether it be a present from Mom & Dad or a homemade cake or snack. How I’ll combine race cars and dinosaurs (assuming that’s still what he wants two and a half months from now) remains to be seen. Though really, two and a half months isn’t a very long time when you add in the fact that our closing date for the house happens to be the day after his birthday and at some point I’ll need to figure out when we are having the party and thus, where and with who? And if I am making a handmade present I need to figure out exactly what I’m making at some point and how long it will take me.

At the end of the day though, I know that a good birthday party is more about being surrounded by people you love and celebrating the birth and life of a special kid. It’s not about whether the cake is store bought or homemade or whether or not you rented a bounce house or hired a clown. It’s not about matching plates or the biggest present. It’s just about That Kid That You’re Crazy About and making him smile and letting him know how much he’s appreciated and loved.

this little love of mine
And eating cake.

5 thoughts on “His Birthday Wish: A Race Car Party WITH Dinosaurs

  1. i think dinosaurs driving cars would be awesome & so fun!!!!
    at the end of the day… love is all that matters and i know you will make it great


  2. I miss the parties my girls used to have. They are too old now and would rather go out with a couple of friends. I hope you have a great time, personally would wait until in the new house though. Might be less stress.


  3. What a great post. I love his style combos. Absolutely perfect & so are you’re ideas for the party. I think it would be awesome to have a dinosaur/race car party.


  4. It would be so cool to celebrate his birthday in the new house but that would probably be extra crazy on top of crazy. Cake for sure most important. 😉


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