not very wordless, definitely a wednesday.

One of the negative side effects of winter days is the inevitable time spent stuck inside. Too cold to trek outdoors, too tired to fuss with the bundling process involved in going out, or sick. Or all of the above. Luckily I’ve got cute faces to look at. Little BB continues to pursue a modeling career each day, looking absolutely adorable on a constant basis with seemingly little effort. Clearly she’s a natural.

her again

She’s also rather fussy, probably from being trapped indoors, but then I’m probably a little fussy, too. She does her best though to keep busy by pestering her brother, ransacking all of the toys every hour, especially when we’ve just finished picking them all back up. She is getting so big and mischievous but also so clever – she can climb into her highchair by herself at mealtimes completely unassisted and can usually get down by herself, too. When she learns to cook, I’ll be nearly rendered useless.

him too

I know MM wishes we were going out more (and it’s always my intention to go out more, but you know sometimes life and common colds get in the way) but he keeps himself busy with various art projects and fort building. I bought him a sketch pad over the weekend which he’s been having a blast filling with little drawings of machines, houses and valentines for mommy. Yesterday I couldn’t resist printing out this turtle printable from Wee Folk Art for him to paint with our paintbrush pens (I love that they are so easy to use and even easier to clean).

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  1. That’s too bad about the colds. I love the descriptions of BB’s days. Very, very familiar to me. MM is definitely very talented in the arts & crafts department. His turtle is fantastic!


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