Honey, I'm Home!

moving into our new house

So last Friday (like April 8, aka forever and the heck ago) we finally closed on the purchase of our  first house and then promptly started moving the heck in. We rented a u-haul truck for the weekend, enlisted the help of one of Dan’s coworkers and little by little brought everything over. It took forever. It didn’t help that Dan was on call that whole weekend because one of his customers was doing a major upgrade and of course everything that could have gone wrong totally did. But eventually…

welcome home Mommablogsalot family, welcome home.

We finished. Not that night – that was just the first night – but the picture feels appropriate to the occasion, don’t you think? Also, can we take a moment and go, “Holy heck, that’s Jen’s house. That she owns. And lives in.” It actually happened, guys. I gotta be honest, I was skeptical that it would ever happen. But it did. ::happy dance::

The first week in our new home I was sans internet. There was a lot of internet provider shenanigans that I don’t feel like going into but basically – all internet providers are apparently evil. Just so’s you know. But we got there and today I am finally online on my desktop in my office which is surrounded by boxes and still has no light. But that’s okay. Because I was still able to upload all my pictures and finally get caught up ish feeling unless you count all the blog posts that I marked as read without reading and all the pictures I want to share but don’t feel like I could ever possibly share them all, but I’ll pick and choose a bit and eventually we’ll get there, right?

outside my window the other day

Here’s a view of part of my backyard. Actually this is way the heck out there and mostly neighbor yards, as our yard connects to several other nice big yards and nobody has really fenced in so there’s just this big beautiful grassy area to look at and enjoy and luckily it seems like our neighbors are friendly – yay! Just so you aren’t too jealous, this is what my backyard looks like today:

snow? seriously?

Seriously? Someone needs to tell Mother Nature to knock it off already. Will somebody please send me some pretty spring flowers and warm sunshine? Please?

my kitchen

Here’s a picture of my kitchen. Ignore all the ridiculous stuff on the counters, we’re still very much in the unpacking and figuring out where everything belongs phase.

our living room

Here’s a shot of living room – our living room furniture looks a bit sparse and dingy in this big, pretty living room but I love it anyway. It’s very open and sunny and comfortable with big windows to enjoy.

plenty of room to run around and play too

Plenty of room to run around and play and grow in, too. 🙂

Think I’ll go do that now. 🙂 More later, I promise!

5 responses to “Honey, I'm Home!”

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  2. Krystyn Avatar

    Yay! Love it. And, I love all of the space in the backyard with nice green grass.


  3. noelle Avatar

    Loving all the space~


  4. Jean Avatar

    Im sooo excited for you! The house looks great and plenty of yard to play in. Who could ask for more?


  5. Nancy Avatar

    What an AWESOME yard! The house looks great, congratulations. I’m so happy for you guys!