Some stuff. and other things.

did you miss close ups of this sweet face?

dying Easter eggsFirst off, because I’m sure you are going into withdrawls for some close up shots of this stunning face. Your welcome. So this weekend was Easter which means egg decorating and pretty spring dresses and Easter egg hunting.

Even better, my dad is in town visiting which means the kids are over the moon having someone new to devote all their attention to them. It’s been really nice having family around.

We’ve been mostly just relaxing, enjoying our backyard now that the weather is finally starting to behave and enjoying spending time with my dad while he’s in town.

playing in the backyard

I picked up a cheap plastic lawn mower and wheel barrow for the kids to “help us out with yard work” and the kids of course love them. I love when inexpensive things make kids happy.

teaching them young

You know what else I love? I took this picture with my new phone. I swear, sometimes the camera on this phone is just as good as my Canon point and shoot. That’s CRAZY but I am so not complaining.

watering our invisible flowers

It’s one less thing to carry around while I’m chasing after these adorable children of mine.

Happy Easter!

Hope you guys had a great Easter! I also hope I’ll be able to post again before, you know, like – next week – as seems to be the new trend.

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