Battle Scars : Clogged Toilets and Holey Ceilings

my poor ceiling

Yesterday afternoon when my sweet children were supposed to be napping, the older child was creating a bit of harmless mischief in the kids’ bathroom upstairs. With toilet paper. But sometimes harmless mischief goes horribly wrong and yesterday was one of those times. He clogged the toilet. He flushed the toilet. He flushed again. And again.

By the time he came downstairs in defeat to ask for help, he was sopping wet. So was my bathroom. There was panicking. And yelling, And water everywhere. I quickly remembered to turn off the water stat. I may have dumbly flushed the toilet first, somehow thinking that if it didn’t work the first eleven times… twelve times might be the charm? Yeah. It wasn’t.

Then the water started pouring from the kitchen ceiling via an exposed light fixture thing. That was super cool. Like a water park in my kitchen that I never asked for and couldn’t return. I’d already turned the water off so all I could really do was wait and see how much water was going to flood my kitchen. And call my husband repeatedly and beg him to come home. And find towels. And buckets stock pots. Have you ever cleaned dry wall out of stock pots?

My husband, after the initial shock, was basically a home owning pro. He sopped up oceans of water, cut holes in the ceiling for reasons that still befuddle me a bit, but somehow managed to make the water pouring a bit less intense. He called his mother for advice while I cried in a corner and cleaned up the mess with me while I made morose comments about how we might go into debt and be ruined forever.

I don’t think we’re going to go into debt and be ruined forever. Knock on wood. It looks like the damage is miraculously minimal. Thanks to that exposed fixture, the water poured onto our floors instead of spreading around the ceiling and causing more damage. Thanks to our millions of towels and stock pots we were able to control the chaos before it took over too many carpeted areas. Thanks to fans we were able to dry carpets. Thanks to smart handsome husbands I didn’t end up in the looney bin. Thanks to Culvers I didn’t go hungry last night (I may have drowned my sorrows in a cheeseburger, strawberry milkshake, fried cheese curds and sweet potato fries… maybe…) and wasn’t forced to cook in a dry wall dusty messy watery covered kitchen. Thanks the the repeated reprimands from his parents, I don’t think MM will ever deliberately clog another toilet ever again.

And now we have our first battle scars. The first big home ownership panic and mayhem and OMG will we ever survive this but then we did moment. And we’re about to learn about drywall patches and stuff. Super fun.

So that was my Thursday night. How was yours?


4 responses to “Battle Scars : Clogged Toilets and Holey Ceilings”

  1. noelle Avatar

    glad hubby was the calming voice for you..
    i know i would have been in a panic


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  3. jen@odbt Avatar

    Oh no. The house has already broken you in. It won’t be the last one. Glad that hubby was calm though. I remember our first leak and was so devastated.


  4. Jean Avatar

    Welcome to this side of the fence…come on in the waters fine. 🙂