Nature Walks With Momma: Where Mundane meets Magnificent

these leaves make me think of The Land Before Time

Last night Dan and MM went outside to pull up dandelion roots in an effort to prevent them from taking over our yard entirely. BB and I decided to take a Girls Only Nature Walk in which mommy walks a few feet, stops and takes pictures of mundane things, then keeps walking, while singing Old MacDonald to BB to keep her entertained.

BB putting up with mommy's antics

Poor BB is probably under the impression that this is what you DO when you take a walk. Walk three steps. Stop. Lay on the ground in the middle of the sidewalk to take pictures of weeds. Rinse and repeat.

the perfect dandelion

I think BB heard me say, “oh my god, that is the PERFECT dandelion! I have to take a picture of it!” about a gazillion times. It was one of those nights were everything was beautiful, especially ordinary mundane things.

imagine all the dandelions I wanted to take pictures of but didn't

I’m sure the neighbors think I am very, very strange. “Who is that lady that keeps taking pictures of our dandelions?” If they only knew how many times I *wanted* to stop and take another picture but didn’t.

the dandelion army

This is the reason Dan was so determined to pull out as many roots as he could. It wouldn’t take much for our lawn to look like this.

pretty budding flowers

I found this tree in our favorite park and was in love with all those pretty spring buds. Luckily it was public property so I didn’t feel quite so weird stopping to take three hundred pictures of it.

close up shot

Of course you have to get reaaally close to these buds to see this much detail. From the sidewalk it pretty much just looks like a tree with a bagillion indistinguishable buds on it. Walk too fast and you’ll miss it.

coolest trees ever?

Me: Aren’t those the coolest trees EVER BB?

BB: unca bi gungal?

the rorschach post

What do you see in this wooden post? An upside owl? A robot? Weathered bark and a few loose nails? What do you think that says about your personality?

watching the grass grow

I perhaps hit rock bottom when I started taking pictures of the grass, but to be fair – this grass is crazy long and kinda beautiful, no? Like tiny stalks of wheat.

When we got home, MM and Dan were still hard at work pulling up weeds (photography subjects that will never be) so I snapped a few pictures of MM aka Future Abercrombie Model and then went inside and played Angry Birds called it a night.

effortless good looks



  1. I love that yard full of dandilions..only for picture purposes of course. ;). Love the owl in the stump too. I feel just as silly taking pics in my own yard as you do in other peoples. I think my neighbors think Im crazy’s really embarrassing when Im in mid shoot and they come to say hello. Because I get a little too focused and lose my sense of reality.


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