I swear I was tech savvy once. Why is the rum gone?

So I think I may have mentioned before that I’m something of a big huge nerdy pants, at least for a girl. I think it’s official now because Dan has brainwashed me into being a bit of a Linux geek.

When we got my pretty new desktop though, we found Windows 7 wasn’t quite as bad as previous editions, at least at first glance and decided to give it a shot and take advantage of being normal Windows users for awhile – maybe buy some fun software or be able to take advantage of some of those Windows-only applications that I swear I’ve run into before but haven’t encountered since switching to Windows.

But since that switch I’ve started to feel dumber and dumber where technology is concerned. Little things would break and Sweet Little Windows would tell me absolutely nothing about what was wrong. Just, “Yup, that didn’t work. Weird huh? You should probably restart me now.”

I ignored it for awhile but I can only bury my head in the sand for so long. I’m not ready to be the sweet tech-luddite granny who needs her kids to come fix her computer while she bakes cookies… yet. Maybe next year, but not today. And I was getting kind of tired of Windows and all of it’s vagueness and brain farts.

So I decided to go back to Linux where I was once somewhat comfortable – but this time, I was going to be more in charge of the whole thing and become self sufficient. I mean, come on, I grew up in this tech age and used to be able to completely take charge of my technology. I want those days back, guys.

But apparently it was more complicated than that. Some Ubuntu application that was supposed to make installing Linux easy turned out to be broken (better broken than my fault, though) and then Dan said, “You know, I still don’t like the new version of Ubuntu anyway, let’s try Fedora.” And I thought, “Fedoras are a pretty cool hat. Maybe they are a nifty OS, too.” So I was game.

Except apparently that was complicated, too, and I ended up needing some help, but okay, whatev. I’ll just make sure to stay in the room so I can take notes and learn how to do this myself next time. Except it involved a lot of gibberish languages that I don’t speak. Isn’t there a book that can translate command prompt lingo into Vaguely Geeky Girl-ese?

But we got it running and all was good except I . kept. breaking. it. Or like kinda quasi-breaking it. And only some settings were actually set up. And then Dan decided to play with the internet at work the other day (yesterday) but then left it broken and then had important meetings and the end result was I couldn’t go online yesterday unless you count my smart phone. Which would be fine except I refuse to blog on my phone. Sorry.

Then this morning he said it was all FIXED except I was apparently working off the CD by accident and got all confused and “wah?” and couldn’t log in, much less get online. So then I removed the CD and broke the computer somehow and it was like, “Congratulations! You’re using Emergency Mode for the first time!!! Exciting, huh? Please type the information that only Wizards know to proceed.” And I was all, “restart?” and then it was all, “Congratulations! You’re using Emergency Mode for the first time!!! Exciting, huh? Please type the information that only Wizards know to proceed.” And then I said, “DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.”

And then he fixed it. Somehow. I don’t know how because I was watching Sesame Street with BB. Except apparently he didn’t fix it very well because I still can’t get online on my desktop, even though it works fine and dandy here on my netbook. Which is how I’m typing this.

Sidenote: Last night while yours truly and the rest of the sane universe was sleeping, Dan was helping one of his customers do an upgrade. It was supposed to be pretty easy peasy lemon squeezy but apparently hell broke loose or something because now he’s on the phone helping them figure it out and hasn’t even had breakfast yet, never mind left for his office. Don’t worry, I totally made him coffee, but still.

So now I feel kinda rude and silly asking him to please fix my internet because he’s helping somebody who pays him right now. Probably more important, right?

So anyway, this is all to explain why there are no pictures in this post. Because I’m typing on a tiny machine and can’t upload any new pictures because I haven’t been able to use Big Beautiful since Sunday, and right now I’m just hoping that when Dan fixes my internet that we’ll find all the problems were ours and not Fedoras because frankly, he’s still the New Guy on the Block as far as I’m concerned and part of me wants to blame him for all these issues and not Dumb Jen.

And now I’m sure some people are saying, “That’s what you get for trying ditch Windows, silly girl. We don’t have any of these problems.” And other people are saying, “How are you getting internet from a hat? I’m confused.” And maybe other people are saying, “Just type squiggle exclamation elephant toe and your internet will totally work fine. Duh.” And to those people, I say:

“Please leave a comment with precise and girl-friendly instructions – but don’t dumb it down too much cause I swear I’m smart sometimes.”

3 thoughts on “I swear I was tech savvy once. Why is the rum gone?

  1. I was wondering where you went to. I thought maybe you were taking a social media break. Im having the same sorta I used to be tech support for goodness sakes, yet can’t figure out anything on my work computer. Ugh! Hope it all get worked out soon. Sadly I have no chicky techy advice but good luck with that. 🙂


  2. I’m giggling but only in a yep, I know exactly what you mean sort of way. And my hubby is a comp engineer too who uses all kinds of programs & has stuck w/ windows (govt thing since he works w/ it mostly) but who’s comp has crashed so hard 3 times now that he’s ready to throw the thing out the window. Well, he hasn’t thrown it yet but there’s certainly been times when I’ve wanted to bundle up the kids (they’re a little too old & don’t like it when I do that!) & run for the hills cause the language is so blue!

    Here’s hoping your comp gets fixed soon & that we can see lots of pix!


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