Mother Math: Keeping a fair ratio of daughter vs. son pictures.

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Now that MM is in school 5 days a week (when did THAT happen?) most days are just me and BB. This means that, naturally, I tend to get a LOT more pictures of her in a week or month than I do of him.

It’s just basic math. I’m with her for 100% of the day, with him for 25%. And I seem to have a camera attached to me about 80% of the day, actual times varying.

It just means I need to make sure the three pictures I get of him are REALLY good.


2 Replies to “Mother Math: Keeping a fair ratio of daughter vs. son pictures.”

  1. Glad your keeping it even. Poor MM so neglected! 🙂
    Next question..though I could probably figure it out. You can add twitter/facebook login for non self hosted wordpress? I really need to play around more with wordpress since the changes.


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