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Obsessing over: what my next vehicle might be and when we might need to get it. We keep going back and forth – minivan, SUV, pick up truck for Dan? Whose vehicle gets replaced first may depend largely on which vehicle fails us first and both are giving us a run for our money but in a whispering kind of “maybe we’re just kidding” kind of way. They must be in alliance with our kitchen appliances. :O)

So I’m currently in Camp SUV and spend a lot of time googling Subaru Foresters and Honda CR-Vs and RAV4s, but a few weeks ago I was doggedly researching Toyota Siennas and the Honda Odyssey. Basically, it’s still anyone’s game and it’s probably going to come down to the right vehicle at the right time for the right price on the right day. And hopefully it won’t actually happen until late summer like we’ve been planning.

Feeling: a mixture of “I want to eat delicious food” and “I should exercise” and “Is it bedtime yet?” Basically, same as usual.

Working on: a lot of little things that amount to me feeling like I don’t really do anything. I’ve been slowly tidying up various rooms in the house and reorganizing, but I often feel like the second I finish cleaning a room it’s dirty again. Today I’m working on laundry. This weekend we finally put a bookshelf in MM’s bedroom and moved a TON of his books up to his bedroom. He’s in book heaven and my office is a lit bit lighter, though you’d never know looking at it.

We also got the kids these cute little night lights from Menards that light up when you press their tops – battery powered LEDs – a turtle for the boy and a butterfly for the girl. They are adorable – and they’ll be free when my mail in rebates come back. We were even on top of stuff and already mailed in the forms. Woohoo!

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Thinking about: What to serve with the slow cooker steak we’re having for dinner – risotto, potatoes? Some kind of delicious veggie? Hmmm…

Dear Pen Pal by Heather Vogel FrederickReading: Dear Pen Pal (Mother-Daughter Book Club #3) by Heather Vogel Frederick, started reading it last night. I just finished re-reading One For The Money (see my review here) and was going to read Anne of Ingleside only to discover it’s like the only Anne book not available for Kindle – or at least not for free.

So I ordered myself a $3 used copy on Amazon and while I wait I figured I’d dive into something light and easy. After Pen Pal and Anne, I’ll be reading our February Book Club pick, These Is My Words by Nancy E. Turner.

Anticipating: the White Elephant Party I’m hosting on Friday – an excuse for baked  goods and good company? I’ll take it! I’ve also got a pretty exciting date night coming up – Blue Man Group with the hubby at the end of the month. We’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile.

Listening to: the kids watching tv together. It’s been a pretty easy going day – a mall walk and some time in the play area then home for lunch and laundry, nap and now they are having some screen time while mommy has some blog time. I’ll take it. :O)

Drinking: Water! This might be the first time my answer to this question is blissfully calorie free. Let’s try to make it a habit, k?

Wishing: I could travel the world. I’ve got a mild case of wander lust going on right now and would love to pack the family up for a trip to Europe or a cross country road trip, go visit Canada for awhile or even just a weekend get away to one of our neighboring states. We do get in a good number of day trips and such, but you know sometimes it’s just never enough. Someday…


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  1. I loved my mini van and kind of miss it as it really was so much roomier for the boys and I still had room for a couple more. Since I downsized to my Tuscon it is a little more cozy but I like the handling manueverability of my SUV better than my Caravan. I only wish I could have the best of both worlds.
    Your right the the right price and time will basically determine what you get. I had no plans to get a vehicle since the hubs was getting his but we couldn’t resist the price, and the warranty package, the mileage that came with it and just couldn’t pass it up.

    I also say that Ingleside is also so good. It’s really hard to say which is better. After that it kind of tapers off to focus more on her kids and that is where I kind of had to let Anne go. Ingleside is a perfect stopping point on the series. In case you needed one. 😉


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