We woke up this morning to a backyard and trees filled with the white fluffy stuff. Only a couple inches so not enough to be a huge pain in the butt – but just enough to stick around long enough to get outside and play in!

Since MM had the day off from school (one of those teacher inservice days), it only seemed right to get together for a morning play date with our favorite neighbors. They have a nice big fenced in yard that’s perfect for sledding and requires minimum involvement on the parent’s part – even better. We spent 20 minutes outside with them so the littles could get in some snow fun and then retreated indoors where it was warm (and quiet!) to relax while the big kids continued to blow off copious amounts of energy.

BB spent a lot of time chasing around their eldest girl M who is basically BB’s favorite person in the world.

Luckily M thinks BB is pretty great, too, and was more than happy to spend some time with BB in the snow.

She is such a great kid. I’m kinda hoping MM marries her someday.

Could they be any sweeter?

BB is getting more and more brave and adventerous in the snow – last time we went out to play it was really too cold and she didn’t have a great time. Today was perfect.

Yeah I was a little camera happy this morning – just be glad I’m not showing you all of the original 133 pictures I took.

This is their youngest boy S, who is just the cutest kid I’ve ever seen.

Seriously. He’s a year younger than BB but they are already pretty good friends and it’s nice to have someone close in age to both the kids right around the corner from us. (ps: they have another boy MM’s age, named B – for some reason I didn’t end up with any pictures of him, but trust me, he’s just as adorable and awesome).

Determined to sled!

Luckily M was there to help get the sled up the hill!

Ready to go!