Currently. (april 23, 2012)

Obsessing over:  the whole “I’m on a diet” thing. I’m almost one week in and haven’t lost any weight yet but I am still getting the hang of the whole thing and figuring out meals to keep me full for less points, etc. Going out to eat this weekend was a major undoing but I’m staying on the horse and making it work.

Feeling: a little tired but otherwise pretty good. I was cranky this morning after weighing in, but I took BB for a walk at the arboretum afterwards and the fresh air and exercise helped my mood a lot.

Plus, this cute little face always helps to cheer me up.

Working on: the usual daily grind, dishes, laundry, organizing, feeding my children and such. Nothing interesting at the moment to be honest.

Thinking about: my awesome new bed. We’ve been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since we moved into the house over a year ago because our box spring wouldn’t fit up the stairs. This weekend we fell in love with a bed frame at World Market that doesn’t need a box spring at all!

We’re pretty thrilled with it, loving the rugged style and grey color. There are some dressers and night stands at IKEA in a similar color that we are considering getting to go with it at some point. For now I’m just marveling at how high up from the ground we are now when we sleep!

Reading: Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann. My book club is discussing it on Wednesday and I wish I could say I was almost finished, but I’m only about halfway through. I will say that the book has been growing on me the longer I read it and I’m starting to get more into the whole story. I probably won’t finish it before the meeting, but I do plan to finish it.

Anticipating: book club on Wednesday and BB’s first Y class on Thursday morning – she hasn’t really done a “class” before apart from dropping on on the occasional story time and I think she’s going to love it.

Listening to: MM playing in the toy room. BB should be waking up from her nap soon so I’ll check on her after I publish this and then it will be time to get started on making dinner – this chicken parm bake recipe that I fell in love with after discovering it on Pinterest ages ago.

Drinking: that delicious perfect beverage known as WATER. I’m drinking it as much as I can to keep hydrated and keep from snacking as much as possible.

Wishing: That Dan would come home and make dinner for me. And finish the dishes…

Pinning (The Hungry Edition): 

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