Currently. (june 25, 2012)

Obsessing over: the amazing camera on my new cellphone. I just got the Samsung Galaxy 2 and so far I am very happy with it – I went for a nature walk with Miss BB this morning and took some amazing flower pictures that I’m going to post on Wordless Wednesday so stay tuned for that (I’m sure the suspense is killing you).

Feeling: tired after a long weekend of birthday parties, baseball games, fireworks and cell phone shopping. And missing a certain handsome husband who’s on a business trip right now. :O(

Working on: keeping up with the daily chores and also tackling some longer running chores, too. I’m hoping to get the office under order a bit and work on some beading projects I’ve had in mind.

Thinking about: what to do with the little miss tomorrow while big brother is at summer camp. We went on a nature walk this morning and then played at the mall play area. Where to kill 4 hours tomorrow? Hmmm….

Reading: Crossed by Ally Condie, the sequel to Matched. So far I’m enjoying it though I’m not sure how I feel about the two narrator style of this book yet.

Anticipating: skyping with the hubby  tonight. Hoping my phone does a good job.

Listening to: the kids finishing their dinner… though to be fair right now they are doing more talking / playing than they are eating.

Drinking: a glass of water. My diet has been a bit up and down lately but I lost a tiny bit more weight this week and so I keep on trucking with it.

Wishing: that it were bedtime to be honest. And that somebody else would clean my house.

Pinning (The Delicious Edition – if I only pin it, it’s calorie free!): 

skinny peanut butter cup blondes (4 P+) * chocolate espresso mug cake * lemon cheesecake in a jar * chocolate bread pudding * peanut butter graham cracker balls

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