Top 10 Photos from June

Today is the first day of July – holy cupcake, this summer is going by fast! We’ve been in a blur of camping trips, summer camp, swim lessons, fireworks, kiddie pools & sprinklers here. My pictures for the last couple weeks have been mostly cell phone shots but this time it’s because I got a new phone and the camera on it is AMAZING. It’s so easy to carry around and use it for most of my day to day shots, saving big beautiful for the more artsy shots or “portrait shoots” with the kids. Here are 10 of my favorite shots from the month of June:

beach bums on 365 Project

My two little beach bums burying themselves in the sand at Devils Lake during our Fathers Day weekend camping trip.

Nothing but blue skies do I see on 365 Project

Beautiful blue skies just begging to be photographed – while stopping at the grocery store to buy milk of all places!

Always changing. on 365 Project

Another sky shot, taken the next day as the sun was starting to set – this time at Walmart. I can only imagine what any passerby might think of the strange girl taking pictures in the parking lot or bending over to take snapshots of random flowers in the lawn while taking walks in the neighborhood.

more: blowing bubbles... on 365 Project

I took this one with my actual camera! The kids were playing in the front yard, blowing bubbles, picking dandelions and drawing with sidewalk chalk – a perfect afternoon while mom sat leisurely on the front porch drinking an iced beverage of some sort and snapping away.

the most beautiful girl in the world? on 365 Project

Same day, another shot – my daughter looking absolutely stunning even with sidewalk chalk all over her upper lip.

extra: light show on 365 Project

Fireworks shot with the new cell phone which actually has a fireworks setting on the camera! These new phones just amaze me with their capabilities!

Take me out to the ballgame. on 365 Project

The only highlight of the baseball game we took the kids to – classic “my kid watching the ballgame” shots taken on my phone’s camera in between “don’t stand on that” and “stop putting bits of grass in your water bottle” and “I’m hot, too, but there’s nothing I can do about it!” and then some more “Don’t stand on that!” for good measure. My final verdict: we’re not doing family ball games until the kids are old enough to attend the evening games which are far less sweltering!

The Amen of nature is always a flower. - Oliver Wendell Holmes  on 365 Project

Ok seriously guys, I took this picture with my CELL PHONE. For real. I cannot get over this.

Admiring her surroundings. on 365 Project

Little BB walking over the tiny foot bridge at the school where MM goes to summer camp. I love looking at the world through her eyes and seeing past the parking lot and tiny school and finding secret gardens and beauty everywhere.

More flower power. on 365 Project

One of the flowers at the “garden” at MM’s summer camp school. That other flower that looks almost just like it two photos above was at a gorgeous conservatory around the block.

Looking forward to another month of beautiful Summer photographs! Here were my Top Photos from JanuaryFebruaryMarchApril and May.

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  1. great phone shots! its amazing how they are these days 🙂
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