Thoughts on the 10th Doctor so far…

I know, I know, I am ridiculously behind the times and every good Doctor Who fan is caught up watching the 11th Doctor by now, but when we last discussed Doctor Who around these parts my beloved 9th Doctor had just reincarnated into the 10th Doctor and I was reeling pretty hard and feeling very disillusioned. I was not pleased with the on screen chemistry (or lack thereof) between David Tennant and Billie Piper and moreover I was just missing Christopher Eccleston something fierce.

In Tennant’s and Piper’s first season together (and last) I continued to scratch my head at their chemistry. It seemed forced and odd but the two just sort of marched on and pretended like it was normal and I tried to also, though knowing that it was Piper’s last season made it hard to feel committed to the two of them together. That said, when she left, in the way that she left which I won’t talk about because I don’t like spoilers, I’ll admit that I cried. Like a baby. A lot. Her ending was extremely well written and torturously sad and despite the lack of chemistry between these two actors, David Tennant can brood like it’s no one’s business.

In the next season’s premier and Christmas special, at the end of the episode when the Doctor saves the day and goes all dark and bad assed? That was the moment that David Tennant won me over. I think I swooned.

Seriously, over this guy. I swooned. And now as the Doctor tries to move past his loss of Rose and take up with his new companion, one Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman), his continued brooding of Rose feels so genuine and right. Of course we want the Doctor to be happy eventually, but I think if he’d simply said “well that sucks, hey you, pretty girl? Wanna be my new chicky?” that it would have just infuriated me. His hesitance to get close to Martha despite the fact that she seriously kicks ass and also, frankly, has better on screen chemistry than Tennant ever had with Piper (the kind of chemistry that Eccleston and Piper had and I loved) actually makes it work for me.

I don’t know if they will ever be an “item” or if he’ll continue brooding over Rose into his next incarnation but at the moment I’m okay with not knowing (you hear me, internets? No spoilers!) and frankly enjoying watching her squirm over it all. It makes for good television.

So in conclusion: I like Martha. I like Tennant. I like the brooding. A lot. At the moment, at this point and time, I am content in my Doctor Who-niverse. And I forgive them. For now…

4 thoughts on “Thoughts on the 10th Doctor so far…

  1. Thank you for writing this. I have just ventured into the world of the new Dr. Who and I completely agree with you. I was so looking forward to Tennant, I thought he looked like fun. But I didn’t feel any chemistry between Tennant and Piper. Nothing. I was very disappointed but I feel a little more hopeful about the next series because of this review. Thanks! (Also – I’ve watched Torchwood and really liked Martha so that gives me hope too.)


    1. Thanks for commenting! Transitioning to a new Doctor always seems weird. I am just coming around to Matt Smith, three seasons in lol. Tennant was an amazing Doctor but his lack of chemistry with Piper definitely made it hard to watch sometimes.


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