And today she is three.

Today my sweet girl is two no longer. Today she is a three year old. A strong willed, sweet smiling, clever little girl who is learning more each day and has endless energy with which to pursue and conquer the world around her.

She loves strong female role models like Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Olivia and and Doc McStuffins. She builds towers, reads her ABC’s, sings songs of her own imagination, is not afraid to get dirty and explore nature. She climbs everything , walks backwards when it suits her, chases after her big brother with vigor and gives the sweetest hugs every night at bedtime.

She knows what she wants though she doesn’t always do a great job of letting us know just exactly what that is the first time. She’s not above changing her mind on the drop of a dime. She loves swinging and sliding and shopping and going to the coffee shop with mommy. She likes to color and play with her dolls and read her stuffed animals stories. She loves having daddy brush her hair and give her braids and ponytails and headbands in a rainbow of pretty colors.

She plays hard and gets hurt sometimes but she is a tough kid that always seems to bounce back. She frightens me on a daily basis and I cannot imagine my life without her.

Happy birthday darling. I hope the day brings you all of the magic and spectacular moments you are hoping for. And ponies if at all possible.

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  1. Happy Birthday Big Girl! So glad I’ve been apart of it since the very very beginning 🙂


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