poetry corner: did you know? momma writes poetry!

You don’t mind if I go all Sixteen Year Old Girl on you and share some poetry I’ve just written? I used to write poetry all the time back in the day – a lot of tormented love poetry by a girl who didn’t understand love and a few poems about pigeons for good measure. When I got married, poetry got harder because I wasn’t so tormented. Happy poetry apparently doesn’t do it for me. It’s probably been years. But this morning I was reading a post at Real Women, Real Songs, a little song writing challenge with weekly prompts & themes. This week’s theme was patience and as I flitted through a few quotes on patience that they provided for inspiration, I read this:

“She was always waiting, it seemed to be her forte.”
― D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover

And okay, forgive the dorkiness, but of course my brain instantly went to Doctor Who and Amy Pond, the girl who waited. And Rose Tyler – the girl who waited first and in my mind, the more tragic of the Whovian companions even if she did well, okay, spoilers, nevermind. Anyhow, I all of a sudden felt like I might be inspired to write, not about my perfectly contended, perhaps boring love life but about fictional love lives. It’s like fan fiction except poetry and only very loosely based in the universe of Who. A jumping off point if you will, and this was the result…

She was always waiting.

love lingers idly
waiting for a moment
in time
where stars align

he tips his hat
she flutters lidded eyes
a coy whisper
nothings, sweetly said

they might walk in the rain
or dance under stars
travel to the moon and back
or farther.

Tomorrow she will wait
he always returns
if it takes hours, weeks, decades
for their moment to resume

she is love, lingering
with perfect Faith in his return
patiently she dreams of him
and watches falling stars.

Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments section, but please be kind or at least tactful and respectful. There are a few lines I’m still unsure about but on the large I’m pretty pleased with the result. I’d like to tell you I sat there for hours analyzing every line, but that’s never been my style. I spent a few moments considering the lines where my mind struggled a bit, but for the most part this is stream of consciousness like most of my work. What you see, as they say, is what you get.