things momma doesn’t like: a short list

I know the main purpose of this blog is to talk about the things that I love – little reviews and babblings of the products, tv shows, food and moments of life that make me smile. But occasionally some stuff comes up that I don’t like. And I think, “Maybe other people don’t like it either.” or “I could save people some time trying this one and spare them the suffering.” So here are a few things that I don’t like.

  1. Those stupid captcha things that guard machines and people lacking super human vision and deduction skills from posting a comment. I get it – spam comments suck, but you know what else sucks? Having to spend 5 minutes trying to type in absolute nonesense into a tiny box so that I can leave someone a comment. I am not a robot – but I also don’t know what 573 foidhsfioshios means and when you purposely make the letters illegible by knotting them all up together? Seriously? Seriously, who do you think can read that? What is wrong with real words? Just take a picture of real words! Or ask me a question to prove I’m not a robot like “Are you a robot?” Or, better yet, come on – let me just leave a comment! Here is a list from someone smarter than me with lots of better suggestions than the dreaded captcha.
  2. Mini skirts. When I was a teenager, I wore short shorts with pride and never thought too hard about skirt length unless there was a school dress code requirement (fingertip length, anyone?). Now that I am an overweight, over-intelligent over the dating scene grownup and mother of two, I have a different view point on mini skirts and shortie shorts. Beginning with, “I won’t wear them.” And not just from a prudish standpoint and not because my thighs are kind of horrendous – but because they are not flattering for my shape. Just two extra inches of fabric that bring a skirt from above the knee to just below makes all the difference in the world on my shape. And also frankly, as a mother, I am starting to find some validity to the idea that some short shorts are TOO short. They don’t need to see all of that – this isn’t a beach, this isn’t an underwear commercial. Put some clothes on – sometimes a dress is not a dress anymore – sometimes it is an ill fitting shirt and you need to put pants on. I get it – young, pretty, skinny girls look good in short skirts. And if their mother doesn’t mind and they don’t mind, then good for them. But clothing manufacturers? Please stop forgetting about the rest of us. I just want a pretty a-line dress / skirt that dips JUST below the knee. Not a mini. Not a maxi. Please?
  3. Cleaning – as evident by the growing mess in my office. I know I just told you I was a grown up, but would someone please come finish my dishes, teach my children how to put their toys away and do something about my paper clutter? And then come back and do it again next week? I think this might be a called a maid and so also, can I please afford a maid? Hint to husband: I see a terrific Christmas gift idea here. Do you think Amazon sells these?
  4. School fundraisers that are stupid. I never thought I’d hear myself saying something like “Why can’t we sell overpriced candles or $10 bins of popcorn instead?” and then my son started school. And I learned just how absurd fundraisers could get. This year they are selling the equivalent of Lunchables for Dinner Pizza Kits. I am apparently supposed to be peddling pizza kits with little squeezie packages of tomato sauce and shredded cheese and “meats” and those break and bake cookies with god knows what ingredients in them to my friends and loved ones. I don’t even feel comfortable buying one for my family, let alone trying to convince the people I love and admire to shell out their cash for this stuff. I spent ten minutes trying to figure out if the kits were freezable and what the shelf life was like before I realized there probably isn’t a shelf life at all.Honestly, just stop it already and ask me to cut you a check.
  5. Peas. Can’t stand em.

What things have been making it onto your Slanty Face list lately (  :-/   )  ? Feel free to vent with me in the comments section below!

4 responses to “things momma doesn’t like: a short list”

  1. Nancy Avatar

    The first year our school opened, they surveyed the parents and the overwhelming response was that they didn’t want to sell anything. So we have 2 major fundraisers a year – a fall fest and a walk-a-thon – and sell Scrip throughout the year. Parents also can just send in a check.

    I highly recommend canvassing your PTO/PTA/whoever is putting on these fundraisers and get them to find better ways to raise money than to sell wrapping paper/cookie dough/crappy candles.

    Oh and I hate captchas too. Though I like peas.


  2. emc2wife Avatar

    Love it! Sometimes a good rant is needed!!! I can’t stand most people in my region, I’d be picking apart products and other silly things if I wasn’t living in a region with the most self righteous, self entitled and obnoxious humans created. Oh, I guess that’s my list – all character flaws of SoCal! Haha


  3. Gigi Ann Avatar

    I agree with everything you don’t like also, except I have learned to kinda like peas. I hate the captcha, I sometimes leave a comment that as long as those crazy words and letters show up, I won’t be leaving a comment.

    I hate school fundraisers. I finally told all my neighborhood mothers that I will not be taking part in the fundraisers. I spend $25 dollars one year on some Popcorn in cans, and it was never delivered, when I asked the young boy, (15 years old,) why? he said I would have to talk to his mom, she is the one that takes care of that. That’s when all fundraisers came to a halt.

    Mini skirts, yes there was a time when they first came into fashion, many eons ago I did wear them, but no more, there comes a time when I looked in the mirror and said “What are you thinking?” But that was in the early 70s, when I was younger and thinner. But still old enough to know better. I agree with you it becomes more difficult to find a decent length dress anymore, unless you want to look like a grandma, well I am a grandma, but I still don’t really want to look like one. What can I say?

    Cleaning becomes more difficult as I age, so I have a famous saying, and anyone who knows me hears it once in awhile… “Everything has a place, and everything in it’s place.” Now to get myself to apply that would be great…. Enjoyed reading your post today.


  4. Jennifer Saltmarsh Manullang Avatar

    I hear ya on the fundraisers. The thing that frustrates me most is how they hype up the prizes kids can earn! My daughter came home saying, “I’m gonna try to win the iPad!” And I was all YOU HAVE TWO PEOPLE TO SELL TO, AND THAT MEANS NO IPAD. The students all live in the same neighborhood, so our neighbors aren’t gonna buy from us… Ugh, I could go on and on. I shan’t. 😉