signs of the time: autumn photography

The signs of autumn are officially all around us here in Wisconsin. Streets are lined with soft yellowish green trees making a beautiful glow throughout my neighborhood.

The sun shines brightly through orange, red, yellow and green leaves creating a beautiful painted on effect to the nature around us.

As we bundle on a couple more layers of knitwear, hats and light jackets ; toy with the idea of packing away our tanks and sandals and start ordering more warm drinks at the local coffee shop ; yes the signs are everywhere.

Fall is here.

MM has now finished his first month of first grade – soon he’ll start bring home homework (I hope) and little by little I do seem him learning and growing more every day. BB and I are starting to get into the swing of things and establish a rhythm at home.

Change is in the air. Last night we attended our first event with MM’s new tiger scouts (one rank below cub scouts) pack, a hike at a nearby trail that I’ve heard of for a few years now but had never checked out before. It was gorgeous and a good hike, too – just challenging enough to make me a little overly proud of myself for finishing – didn’t slow down Dan or MM at all. He had a blast making new friends and is so excited about cub scouts!

Dan is pretty excited, too. Scouting has been one of his fondest memories of growing up and he has been anxious to share this world with his son. He’s hoping to find a kindred spirit in MM and that they will love hiking and camping and knot tying and all those boyish things that Dan loves (and I tolerate).

The whole time we were there, I wished I’d brought the big beautiful camera so I could take some nature pictures. BB and I will definitely be going back for a nature photography stroll soon!

(The first two pictures in this post were taken with my camera phone at the trails we hiked last night, the rest are from right in my own backyard, where most of my nature photography happens these days.)

Soon I may run out of pretty flowers to photograph as the air gets colder and the flowers begin to shrink. I may have to find new obsessions to photograph (though between my beautiful children and the talented baristas at the coffee shops I frequent, that shouldn’t be too hard!) as the seasons continue to change.

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