Currently ~ October 9th

Obsessing over: my new favorite pair of jeans! I just got these Westport jeans at Dressbarn on Friday and I’m loving them. Their short size fits me perfectly, the waist band is snug and doesn’t stretch out over the course of the day so the perfect fit stays a perfect fit all day!! No gaps, no weird sagging. Just cute jeans for a price I can live with. It’s been a long time since I’ve found a good pair of jeans for my body type so I was pretty thrilled to find them!

Feeling: a little sluggish still. I need to run some errands before going to volunteer in MM’s classroom today but I’d much rather veg out and do nothing. Please send coffee.

Working on: pulling some ideas together for Nanowrimo this year. I wasn’t going to participate this year, but (do I say this every year?) all of a sudden last night on my way home from BB’s Little Gym class I was listening to a song and a lyric struck a chord with me and it was all “here we go again…” I’m not sure if the story will end up having anything to do with the lyrics, it was more of a feeling than a plot and it might tie back to what I was working on last year, but I’m not sure yet. Wanna see the lyrics that did me in? Of course you do!

I love a quiet mighty Pharaoh, Reads my heart like holy tarot. Hold on baby, please don’t let me be swallowed by the sea, beckoned from the shore, tempted by the sweet roar. I don’t wanna be a pawn in any war but I can’t fight alone no more. Baby, don’t let me be swallowed by the sea. Swallowed by the Sea by Rebecca Loebe

Thinking about: the kids’ Halloween costumes – they are actually finally starting to come together. I think the only pieces that remain are a wool coat for BB and some loafers for MM. Are we buying the dorkiest costumes or what? I know. I’m kind of giddy and I love that so many of the pieces of these costumes will fit into their wardrobe afterwards.

Reading: Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman. I just finished Divergent so now I am focusing my attention on one book again. I think I maybe preferred Dovekeepers to this book but I am still really enjoying it. It’s just good rather than amazing, you know?

Listening to: BB watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and feeling a sense of Déjà vu about it. You now know all my tricks,

Wishing: I had a cup of coffee in my hands right now. Also, I’m cold. Some warmth would be nice, too. Of course the one might cause the other…

Pinning (The DIY Edition): 

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