Is there anything better than a man in uniform?

my little cub scout. on 365 Project
Last night MM had his first pack meeting, wearing his Cub Scouts uniform for the first time. I might have gotten more emotional over this than I did his first day of kindergarten. He looks so grown up this year and his uniform enhances that ten fold. Where did my baby go?

We’ve spent the past couple of weeks going over all of the material with him to earn his first patch, the bobcat patch. I oscillated from “He’s picking this up so fast!” to “he’s never going to remember all of this” to “We’ve got this down!” over and over, sometimes in the course of five minutes but the truth is, it was pretty much a go over it with him & we’ll trust you when you say he knows the material kind of thing. There was no test, no memorization required. But he had it down and likely could have recited any of the passages if asked to. Either way, he got that first patch last night and could not have been prouder.

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but already cub scouts has been a wild ride for me, learning all of the ins and outs of scouting and how it all works. And we’ve only just begun…

2 thoughts on “Is there anything better than a man in uniform?

  1. Congrats on earning his first patch! As you probably realize I’m an expert at the Cub Scout thing by now (just please don’t call it Boy Scouts!) so if you have any questions I can probably answer them. 🙂 I remember how cute Alex was as a Tiger and I can’t wait for Zach to be one next year.


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