5 things I’m loving on Tuesday.

Because it’s Tuesday and apparently I have nothing better to do, here are 5 things that have me doing a happy dance these days:

1. I got my three year old the cutest wool jacket at Old Navy. Not only is it ridiculously adorable and a perfect fall jacket, it will actually work with her Halloween costume this year. She’s going to be a young Amelia Pond, the 11th Doctor’s most recent companion on Doctor Who. Why yes, I am a giant nerd. Technically the coat should really be blue, but I decided this jacket was too adorable to pass up and that in the dark it should be fine (and okay, fine, that almost nobody is going to get the costume anyway).

2. The cakepops at Starbucks have continued to make me deliriously happy. I like to get the pink one for my daughter who loves all things pink and pretty – and the salted caramel mocha pop for me which is totally the drink in cake form and should be illegal.

3. I recently downloaded John Mayer’s newish album, Born & Raised when it was being offered for $5 (click to see the current albums being sold for $5). I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to purchase this one, not knowing if I’d enjoy his new almost country sound, but the whole album grew on me very quickly. Definitely a country / classic rock vibe, but still the same old John underneath it all, the John who could sing the phone book and I’d buy it.

4. A lesser known but equally amazing musician that everyone needs to know about, is Rebecca Loebe who you may have seen on The Voice last year on Adam Levine’s team. I’ve been a fan of Rebecca’s for almost 8 years now since she performed at a small coffee shop concert series at my college and her voice continues to blow me away. Definitely check out her new CD, Circus Heart on iTunes or get the physical CD through her website. She is one of the most talented, amazing singer songwriters I’ve ever heard.

5. Lastly, I found the perfect jeans. Finding a pair of jeans that fit your body perfectly, don’t stretch out over the course of the day and are affordable enough to justify purchasing is something I thought was impossible until discovering the Westport line at Dressbarn. I never would have thought to check there for jeans, but they fit me perfectly – perfectly!!! Pear shapes rejoice and other shapes? Try em out, too, just in case. I am thanking my lucky stars for stumbling across these and a couple of washes and several wears later, I’m still very happy with my purchase. They come in pretty much all sizes, including petite.

That’s all for now, I’ll be back soon with some book reviews, I promise!