Fun With Cub Scouts: Touring the Police Station

Last night MM’s Tiger Scout Den went to visit the local police station. A few of the cops gave the kids a tour of the station and talked to them about what their job is like. The main officer giving the tour was really good with the kids, a former boy scout himself. You could tell he loves his job and loves getting to talk to the kids that come to visit and being able to give back to the community.

My favorite takeaway from the night was when he told the kids about how even though all the cops have to wear a gun, they don’t want to use them & many can go their entire career without having to use their gun. He says he’s been a cop here for 20 years and has never had to use his. I have to say this made me feel a lot better about the neighborhood we live in. Even with any “bad parts of town” in the area, if a cop here can go 20 years without firing his gun, that’s gotta say something!

And what a good lesson for the kids that being a cop isn’t just chasing the bad guys and using weapons. He told them about the smaller things they do like helping lost kids find their parents and dealing with traffic situations. He told us what some of the worst intersections are in town for accidents, told us what kinds of shifts they work, explained to the kids situations where they might want to go in “plain clothes” versus wearing their uniform and he told the kids about all the tools on their tool belt and what they are for.

He asked the kids what they thought the most important tool he carries was – a lot guessed his radio, his flashlight, his badge, his handcuffs, etc. He told them he thinks the most important tool he has is his mouth (and his brain – but that hopefully the two are always working together!). He told them being able to communicate & talk to people was the most important part of his job.

I’ve never had the opportunity to tour a police station before and I thought that they did a fantastic job delivering appropriate but interesting information and I even learned a thing or two! The kids’ favorite part of the tour? Definitely getting to sit in the cop cars and turn the sirens on! That could have entertained them all for hours, my husband included!

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  1. I’ve never toured one. That’s so good to hear that they don’t use their guns (most of them). I’m not a fan of them.


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