FIR 2012 Question: Go-To Authors

Fall into Reading at Callapidder DaysI’m a little over one month into the Fall into Reading challenge at Callapidder Days. So far I’ve finished three books from my challenge and I’m very close to finishing my 4th, which puts me much further along into the challenge than I’d honestly anticipated being just one month in – yay!

This week Katrina asked challenge participants the following question:

Is there an author (or authors) whose books you are always watching for? Do you jump to snatch up the latest literary offering from certain specific authors? In other words, who are your go-to authors?

I guess in a nut shell my answer is absolutely – being a fan of a good book series, I definitely have a lot of repeat authors on my To Read list whether that means continuing a series that I love or simply following a favorite author – I’m definitely guilty as charged.

Some of my favorite “Serial Authors” include: Janet Evanovich, Lisa Lutz, Stephenie Meyer, L.M. Montgomery, Jasper Fforde, Libba Bray, Scott Westerfeld

Some of my “Sure Thing” Authors include: Jennifer Weiner, Alice Hoffman, Christopher Moore, Philipa Gregory, Jen Lancaster

And honestly there are a lot more that I could mention, authors whom I read every book in the series but maybe haven’t tried their other series yet or simply aren’t coming to mind right at this moment. Like I said, short answer is simply yes.

How about you? Which authors do you consider a “sure thing”?