Dog Days.

My beautiful darling daughter has discovered… her own agenda. And by discovered it, I mean she’s always known she’s had one and often pushes it in favor of anyone else’s wants and needs and desires. But that these days, often has become pretty much always.

She’s occasionally a happy, loving daughter who has the ability to go with the flow and sweetly lavish you with hugs and cuddles and kisses – she’ll roll with the punches of the day and go along with whatever you have in mind, convincing herself that it’s what she’s always wanted.

Occasionally. The rest of the time, you are just going to have to deal with whatever she has in mind about how the day should be going. Because maybe it’s not naptime after all, but rather 30 second dance party time (I do love 30 second dance parties). Maybe it’s not time to leave quite yet for that appointment that you are in danger of being late for, because right now we have to focus on the fact that she wants to wear three pairs of

Or she wants to wear THAT jacket that isn’t weather appropriate and completely clashes with her outfit, but she insists on having her way about this because she’s a Princess, mommy. And being a princess apparently means wearing something pretty and always getting her way. I think. The rules change a lot.

So if I’m ten minutes late again… or looking a little frazzled and sounding a little grumpier than usual, be patient with me and maybe offer me some coffee. These are trying times for mommies and Princesses, but we’re getting through it one temper tantrum at a time – and might I say, looking pretty fabulous while we’re at it.

Loving her new dress? Me, too – I just got it on sale at Old Navy. That isn’t a sponsored detail, I’m just in a sharing kind of mood.