The main difference between my children:

MM, like me, is a people pleaser. He at least tries to do what is asked of him and to make people happy. He feels remorse when he knows he’s disappointed someone and tries harder next time. When he doesn’t pick up his toys, it’s because he forgot – or managed his time poorly. Like his father, he tends to exist largely in his own world – swimming in a sea of big ideas and projects. But once back on earth, he tries to do what is expected of him and make us happy. He doesn’t always follow through, but it’s not for lack of trying.
BB, on the other hand, operates entirely on her own agenda and aims to please herself first and foremost. Whether this is just a typical toddler / preschool trait or her actual personality remains to be seen but when she doesn’t pick up her toys it’s because she doesn’t want to – and if you ask her to she will, without hesitating, simply say “no” and continue doing what she’s doing. She is a free spirit and refuses to be tied down by petty demands like “wear appropriate shoes” or “pick up your toys” or “take a nap.” And if this upsets you, she doesn’t care at all.
And I love them both, maddeningly so.

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  1. It’s so awesome to see them become their own, isn’t it? The differences are sometimes amazing…and of course, so are the similarities.


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