easy craft: make a candy cane wreath with your kiddos

candy cane wreath

candy cane wreath

A couple weeks ago I read about a super easy, super adorable holiday craft idea over at one of my favorite blogs, Really, Are You Serious? Krystyn has three sweet little girls, pretty close in age to my own children and her post about creating a candy cane wreath with her littles sounded like a perfect holiday craft to do with my 6 year old and 3 year old.

So the first thing you need to do is pick up a foam wreath circle thingy (that’s a technical term) and some red and white tulle. You’ll also need scissors and a piece of cardboard. Krystyn recommended a piece of cardboard that was around 12-14 inches long. I found one that was ten inches and decided that was close enough, especially given the fact that my foam circle thing was smaller than hers.

So using the cardboard, you wrap your tulle around the cardboard and then cut so that it’s all the same size. Smart, huh? Krystyn recommends using two 100 yard packages of tulle. I think mine were half that size but it ended up being plenty since I used a tiny… foam circle thingy. I really lucked out here because if you haven’t noticed, I half-assed my way through this entire craft. But miraculously it still worked and came out pretty cute!

Krystyn was able to have one of her girls hold the box for her while she wrapped her tulle to make the process faster. My piece of cardboard was just big enough for the tulle and left no room for hands to hold on. So I had the kids watch tv or something while I wrapped (mother of the year, I know) and then called them back in for the fun part. MM was a big help handing me the THREE pieces of tulle needed to tie on each section of the candy cane and BB thought she was being helpful when she grabbed handfuls of the tulle and rolled them into balls for me. Tulle is very forgiving (even if I can’t pronounce it) and I mostly didn’t get mad about this.

Fun fact: I noticed that the white tulle was much softer and easier to work with than the red tulle. I’m not sure if I somehow bought two different kinds or if perhaps the red dye stiffens the tulle. Either way, I liked tying the white pieces much better than the red ones.

Here’s the end result: Pretty and kind of resembles Krystyn’s results. And my children seemed to think it was fun helping out. So all in all, I’d call it a wild success!

candy cane wreath

I recommend you check out Krystyn’s blog for the full set of directions for this craft, but it really was very easy – so easy that even a Type B momma like myself was able to finish it while only mostly paying attention.

2 responses to “easy craft: make a candy cane wreath with your kiddos”

  1. Staci Thurber Avatar
    Staci Thurber

    there are so many craft ideas out there but i like those craft ideas which are cute. ^

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  2. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    Very cute! And nice that a craft works even when you “half-ass” it:) Our white was softer, too now that you mention it.