Making Music: More Crafting Fun With Kiwi Crate

making music with kiwi crate

It’s been awhile since my daughter and I have done a Kiwi Crate project together – life has been hectic lately and I’ve found myself operating on bare minimum lately – getting done what’s absolutely necessary and ignoring a lot of the rest of it. We all get that way sometimes, right? Anyway, when I got an email saying our next crate would be shipping soon it reminded me that we had still left our last box unopened.

One thing I love about Kiwi Crate is that it reminds me to prioritize doing fun projects with my kids. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of classes, errands and laundry and when life gets busy sometimes we find ourselves dropping the fun stuff so we can get the boring stuff done. Luckily, Kiwi Crates don’t expire. So saving them for the rainy day when you need them or for the blessedly quiet weeks when you have time to really enjoy them with your kids – is totally an option.

This week we decided to craft a xylophone together from our Making Music Crate. I let my three year old be much more involved in this craft than I have with previous ones. I have a tendency to take over crafts – this I acknowledge – so I tried to step back a bit with this one. I even gave her markers.

Washable markers, thank goodness. She spent a long time coloring the box which would make the base of the xylophone, drawing careful and careless drawings and scribbles on every corner, nook and cranny. It took forever, I’m not gonna lie. I spent that time reading the instructions for the rest of the project and decorating the xylophone bars – mommy likes to color, too!

After we were done decorating we assembled the xylophone. I let her put two of the orange rubber bands on each side of the box, then I sneakily straightened them out when she wasn’t looking and helped her insert the xylophone bars. I assembled the little mallets while she was decorating, using Popsicle sticks, glue dots and little wooden ball things (a technical term).

Once it was all assembled, the only thing left to do was compose some beautiful music together. I let her pick the colored dots which I attached to our sheet music (photographed at the top of this post) and then showed her how I could play the music she had composed and then let her try.

Then she disassembled the xylophone while I was in the bathroom. But hey, I guess that means we can do the project again later, right?

Kiwi Crate cannot turn your preschool set into perfectly well behaved angels who never draw on your couch with pastel crayons, but they can provide hours of educational fun for only $19.99/month.

(This is not a sponsored post, Kiwi Crate might know who I am because I happen to be a paid subscriber, but they did not ask for this review and I will not receive compensation for singing their praises. But if they’d like to send me cookies, I wouldn’t hate that. I love cookies.)