Winter Wish List (2012 / 2013)

winter wonderland

Winter came in with a bang this year with a snowstorm delivering 20 inches of snow in some areas of my town. While I look forward to a White Christmas, let’s think about the winter season ahead and make some goals and wishes for the season.

Things to Do

  • blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze
  • Ring in the new year – I want to throw a little Family New Years Party with the kids and our in laws visiting. Order some take out, watch a movie and play board games, make a fun dessert and see how late we can stay up!
  • throw a party – maybe a New Present Party for the kids (everyone bring a fun new present they received and have fun playing with friends?) or a book exchange party?

Things to Make

Places to Go

  • a local museum like the Geology Museum or the Mustard Museum – we’ve been wanting to visit both since we moved here but haven’t done it yet.
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens indoor garden and soak up some nature on a cold winter day.
  • My favorite yoga studio – Time to start actively trying to get into better shape again either via yoga or some active video games or DVDs.

New Recipes to Try

2 responses to “Winter Wish List (2012 / 2013)”

  1. Kathleen Avatar

    Your New Years plan sounds awesome! I’m still trying to decide what to do. Part of me wants to run away to Door County, but the thought of a road trip over the holidays is not appealing. . .but neither is going out to the “get blitzed” parties that people have this time of year. Who knows, maybe it will just be Fiona and I. . .but I can never get her to wear a party hat! 😉


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Yeah there is just nothing appealing about a “getting blitzed” party for me these days. Door County sounds fabulous – I have been dying to go there, hopefully this summer. Hope you find a fun way to ring in the new year :O)