MM in April

Today my little boy is seven years old. It really does seem like just yesterday. Just yesterday he was born. Just yesterday he was rolling over, learning to read, losing his first tooth, mumbling all of his words incoherently and adorably, drinking from a sippy cup, using plastic utensils, riding in a stroller at stores…

Just yesterday he was at home with me every day, watching shows on PBS and doing arts and crafts projects with me. Today he is nearly a second grader who can count well over 100, is learning contractions and a bit of multiplication in school. He is almost as obsessed with Doctor Who as his parents. He loves Star Wars, building and drawing, Wild Kratts on PBS, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He is a perfect blend of little and big right now. I constantly have to remind myself how young he is and at the same turn am amazed by how big he is getting.

He likes books with pictures but can handle basic chapter books. When I read to him outloud, he says, “Mommy, when there is a picture on the page, stop so that I can look at it.” He wants to soak in every detail. He likes nonfiction picture books with facts about bugs or dogs or nature. He loves poetry and science fiction and is fascinated by healthy foods but still loves a great dessert. He’s a builder and planner and dreamer – a leader but a gentle soul who wants to please the people he loves.

MM could do anything – he could become anyone. He is amazingly intelligent and kind and caring. He is fascinated by the world around him and the people around him. He wants to know everything and meet everyone and experience all the world has to offer him. And of course, as his amazingly proud mommy, I want to give him all of those things. I want to show him the world and can’t wait to teach him new things, while also wanting to pause every moment and make them last forever.

Happy Birthday, MM! Mommy loves you so, so much!

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