What I’m Into Lately


apple fritter bread and Dubliner cheese from Target and a homemade latte using my CBTL espresso maker. Leftover paper plates and napkins from MM’s birthday party = less dishes to do and pretty patterns to enjoy. Still loving my favorite coffee mug.

What I’m reading: I just finished reading Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman. As I mentioned on goodreads.com, this book really resonated with me. There were aspects of French parenting that I thought made a lot of sense, some were surprising but great ideas and of course there were some that are just not for me – but I loved reading about how differently other cultures raise their kids and the potential pros and cons to different methods. I think there is a lot of positive things to be said for French parenting and I’ve already implemented some of these ideas in my own life or plan to soon. I loved the recipe for yogurt bread included in the book – my son and I made it for his birthday last week and it was delicious. See my full review here.

Tonight I plan to start reading April’s book club selection, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green which is apparently very funny and snarky despite being about teenage kids with cancer.

TV show worth watching: I’m really loving the new judges on The Voice – it made such a huge difference in the show in my opinion and I’ve been able to get into the premise of the show which I think is really interesting compared to some of the other singing competitions on tv. Also really enjoying the new episodes of Revolution and New Girl.
Movie I’ve Seen: We’ve been doing a good job renting movies regularly so that I don’t feel so horribly out of the loop movie-wise. We simply cannot afford to go to the movie theater more than once or twice a year but we’re getting close to the point of saying we’ve seen most of the newer movies at the video store with the exception of some of the more serious recent award winners that I’ve been putting off until we’re genuinely in the mood to enjoy them.
In my ears:  Mostly all the same music I’ve already been mentioning – still loving ‘Stay’ by Rhianna and all things Rebecca Loebe. I made a playlist on my phone for exercising at the gym and I’m mostly sticking to things with a good steady beat and an upbeat tempo with a few slower songs to remind me to cool down.
Items of Note: I met with a personal trainer at the gym last night to try and figure out a way to exercise without hurting myself as that seems to be a trend lately and one I’d like to not keep up. She showed me some good strength training exercises and stretches that should help with my bad knee and shin splints and mostly encouraged me to take it easy and focus on simple exercise right now and worry about “ramping up” my workout when I feel like I’ve got the basics down again.
What I’m Looking Forward to:  um, obviously, the Rebecca Loebe show I’m hosting this month. If you are in the area and free on the 20th, definitely get in touch with me for details on that! Also looking forward to Team Trivia tonight – our team has gotten awfully good and we tend to place in the Top 3 most months. Go Team Brain Candy!

what are you into these days? Let me know in the comments below!