momma loves: silly diversions #babeinamug


I know a lot of us are struggling to find the happy today, in wake of the tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon yesterday (and other places, too, from what I’ve heard). I spent yesterday ignoring the news and kind of doing the lalalala thing. It’s how I cope, because if I let all that in, read the news stories, think about the awful… it tends to overpower me and I find myself in dark dwelly places.

Instead I chose to catch up on magazines, take random style quizzes online, play those silly Facebook games – and catch up on laundry and snuggles with the kids. I checked in with Facebook occasionally to see if all my loved ones on the East Coast were okay (yes) and otherwise ignored it. This method served me well yesterday so today I follow suit. Luckily, I’m not alone – lots of my friends and bloggers are doing the same. Need a laugh today? Looking for a project to distract you and make you smile. Check out this cute idea at Mommy Shorts – she is taking pics of her kiddos in coffee mugs and asking her readers to do the same. No photoshopping required here, but if your kids are wiggly and all limbs like mine, some creative cropping or pleading may be in order. BB here is more of an overflowing #babeinamug but adorable all the same.

Extra incentive? If you take a photo and share it on her Facebook page or use the hashtag #babeinamug on Instagram, you’ll be entered to win a random drawing giveaway for a Mommy Shorts mug. I am crossing my fingers and toes for one of those bad boys!

If you are playing along, share a link to your pics in the comments section so I can see the cuteness!