a place for everything and everything in its place? not quite.


We’ve been dealing a lot lately with the whole picking up your toys and caring for your things issue with BB. Obviously, looking at this picture of her playing with Duplo blocks at our car dealer’s waiting room – the girl can organize and has a sense of where things belong and such. But looking at her bedroom you would never know it. I have, quite frankly, thrown in the towel where her room is concerned. In the downstairs area, we have purchased large cabinets to store all their toys and MM’s is somewhat thoughtfully organized, as is his bedroom on a good day. I’m sure when he was BB’s age that his belongings were just as messy and his concept of cleaning was just as muddled.

The thing is, every time I try to help her – by bringing in some thing to help her clean her room – it just becomes a new thing for her to climb on and / or use as a step stool. She is fearless and too clever and innovative for her own good (and mine) and thus most of our organizing methods have not lasted long in her bedroom, the one place in the house where she is largely unsupervised.

She is growing more and more every day and every day she is smarter and capable of more. She talks more clearly, is more out going, learning new skills and impressing mommy constantly. I know these days are just another phase in her childhood that she will mostly outgrow and that someday I can buy her a bookshelf or a toy box without worrying that she’ll use it to scale the walls. But in the meantime, please don’t look at my daughter’s bedroom, because it’s a disaster area.

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  1. Meg Avatar

    She sounds like a free spirit. Let her do her thang!