two shows I’m loving: The Voice & Food Network Star

I mentioned awhile back that I was watching The Voice but haven’t been blogging about it lately. Now they are down to the Top 6 and I think it’s easier now to claim some favorites. I think my favorite this season is Sasha Allen – I think that at the end of the day, she has the strongest voice in the competition right now. I’m continually blown away by her performances and I think she delivers fairly consistently.

I also really like Amber Carrington and would say that she is the second strongest vocally, but given that I’m not a huge country music fan – I suppose the four talented country artists in the competition just aren’t going to do it for me as much. That said, I think Danielle Bradbery is super talented with a big career ahead of her – however, I think her voice is still inexperienced (given her age, this is hardly a criticism) and that there are others in the show that are more ready for a major record deal.

I think the Swon Brothers deliver consistently stellar performances but they are a bit throw back, in my opinion, and I’m not sure where they fit into the current music scene. Still – kudos to them for doing their thing really well. I really like Michelle Chamuel – I think she’s awesome and a pretty darn good singer…. but (don’t hate me) I really don’t think she’s on the same level as some of the other contestants just yet. I think she’s really, really good – but I think she needs more experience to really develop her voice and also maybe just more confidence. Usher has been working a lot on developing her confidence, but I think she’s still kind of learning to bring it all together and hone her skills. She could be great, but I don’t personally think she’s there yet. Lastly, Holly Tucker, she’s good – but she always lacks something for me, maybe it’s star power – maybe it’s authenticity. I’m not sure, she just doesn’t tend to blow me away as much as she seems to blow away the judges. How about you? Are you watching The Voice this season? Who do you love? Who do you hate?

Another reality show I’m watching right now is Food Network Star. I love that they seem to switch up the show a little every season to keep things fresh. This season they are utilizing focus groups to help with deciding who will be eliminated each episode. One of my favorites from the first episode is Nikki Dinki who is pitching a show about semi-vegetarianism or a “meat on the side” diet. I love the concept and she seemed really natural on camera. Also? She was nice. One of the bottom two contestants, Danushka Lysek, was so negative throughout the episode that I was kind of rooting for her to be sent home. Why do reality television shows still milk negativity and drama? I think they should give their viewers more credit and focus more on the actual competition and show and less on who is the meanest or craziest person in the room.

Do you watch reality television?

What are some of your favorite shows?